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  1. Impersonate IIS Application Pool Identity
  2. Integrated security and form based login
  3. Custom authentication using a HttpModule. Knowing when to authenticate ...
  4. Falied to grand permission when host a .NET control in IE web page
  5. How to show a Access Denied Page when User is not in Role?
  6. Credentials problem
  7. SetAuthCookie problem
  8. Forms authentication fails on some computers with IE HELP ! :-(
  9. Login failed for user 'machineName\ASPNET'. 18456
  10. Secure FTP File download + c#
  11. what is a port that shows up in your system and appears to be cont
  12. Integrated security in ASP.net
  13. Security Problem With Active Directory
  14. Help ! - App move to IIS6 - cannot write to event log!
  15. Calling CreateProcessWithLogonW
  16. Apply windows security to all files in web app
  17. EMAB, Impersonation, & Access Denied to Event Log in ASP.NET
  18. ASP.Net and MSMQ
  19. Getting "The Page cannot be displayed" on some machines but not others with ASP.NET pages
  20. How to implement Multiple Login Pages in a single Web Application
  21. Browsers can download assemblies directly from my website's /bin d
  22. IExtractImage, Impersonation, GDI and "access denied" for non-local admins
  23. can you prevent malicious use of browser back button in forms auth
  24. determining roles
  25. ASPNET and NETWORK SERVICE accounts hitting SQL Server
  26. listbox and sql stored procedure
  27. forms authentication automatic logout without timers?
  28. Forms Authentication with roles from table
  29. Windows re-authentication in ASP.NET using C# after session timeout
  30. CS0016
  31. Forms Authentication for particular folder
  32. Http error 413->request entity too large
  33. app lease/licensing
  34. Univeristy of Plymouth Computing Industry Perception Study
  35. System.Web.HttpException Error.
  36. Access Denied when reading directory information on another server
  37. Getting "A potentially Dangerous Request.Cookies Value" error
  38. Pass credentials from one web site to another for seamless login
  39. Verify User Group from ASP.NET
  40. web.config
  41. Questions on hosting .net control in web page
  42. Problem querying LDAP and/or Active Directory
  43. Gaining FullTrust
  44. Intranet and Integrated Windows Authentication
  45. ASPNet Process Token flowing with Impersonated Identity
  46. CspProviderFlags Members
  47. Manage and Store Keys
  48. security
  49. SQL Connectivity by Web App
  50. Sessions expire too soon
  51. GetAuthCookie vs regular cookie
  52. Forms based security
  53. Forms Authentication doesn't protect specified pages.
  54. Anti-virus API?
  55. how can i solve this problem?
  56. ISA Server Digest Authentication Problems
  57. CertificatePolicy and .Net requests
  58. SSL certificate validation fails in windows service
  59. How to secure one web app with another web app...
  60. User Authentication, Active Directory and more (help)
  61. Authentication and multiple browser session
  62. FormsAuthentication doesn't redirect properly after timeout
  63. forms authentication-but do not write cookie to client machine
  64. what in this value is making an app.config crash an app?
  65. Load managed DLL
  66. 403 error...
  67. Benefits of ASP.NET
  68. Request Validation Problem
  69. Security for Visual Studio.Net
  70. System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission
  71. VB.NET Assembly denied access to System.Web. Help!
  72. Why Code Authentication At All?
  73. web.config and authentication problem.
  74. web.config and authentication problem.
  75. Valid Certificate Authority
  76. SelfSSL
  77. Adding Identity Tag Caused Error
  78. SSL and IE / ASP.NET
  79. Single sign-on with .ASPXAUTH cookie
  80. forms authentication
  81. Using aspnet_setreg
  82. Forms Auth. allows anyone in if server accessed locally
  83. Problems Accessing a UNC Share from ASP.NET Pages
  84. ASP.NET Context.User.IsInRole XP Problem
  85. Forms Authentication Anonymous User
  86. ASP.NET site on Win98 share
  87. system.web.security
  88. Asynchronous Server Socket and crypto
  89. Secure Connection to SQL Server 2000 Database
  90. formsAuthentication without configuring in web.config
  91. System.Directoryservices getting TxIsolationLevel exeption?
  92. how to persist a user identity across a web service session context
  93. Role based Security and Permissions
  94. Using key-pairs in a hosted environment
  95. Forms Authentication adding new users programatically
  96. Funky FormsAuthentication Cookie Behavior.
  97. Problem using OpenThreadToken
  98. System.DirectoryServices
  99. Security - Best Encryption Tool
  100. SSL comunications
  101. file traversal
  102. Implicit Passport Authentication
  103. testing ASP.NET apps over local network
  104. easy to understand web security info
  105. Encryption for QueryString
  106. Forms authentication fails on a few computers :-(
  107. Forms Authentication
  108. upload xml file to http with certificate?
  109. Another ROLE question...
  110. Win2k, IIS5, IIS Lockdown Tool, URL Scan
  111. Switching between http and https popping up a login box
  112. Getting a list of roles
  113. newbie seeks User.Identity and Application_AuthenticateRequest help
  114. Forms authentication - login fails
  115. System.IO.FileNotFoundException using file.copy
  116. FormsAuthentication client-side problem
  117. FormsAuthentication Class Question
  118. Need help with impersonating for GetCurrentProcess call.
  119. Events...
  120. Double number of calls when Basic Authentication?
  121. Do You Need Visitors
  122. Secure Downloads in Shared hosting
  123. Changing Windows password by .NET code?
  124. Getting AD Groups
  125. Opposite of RedirectFromLoginPage? Preset page to direct to...
  126. Using AZman with ASP.NET
  127. customError - 401.2 Access Denied
  128. Preventing script attacks from text boxes
  129. Access Denied w/Impersonate=true
  130. Converting Win32 API to VB.NET for Folder Security
  131. access permissions in asp.net web service in windows 2003 server
  132. RSA encryption using javascript
  133. Security and Audit functionality
  134. Machine.Config -- ProcessModel vs Impersonation
  135. protecting a site using logon
  136. IPrincipal
  137. Beginners question: Form based authentication
  138. Cannot read a Security Log from ASP.net web service
  139. Global.asax Inheritance?
  141. Could not load type error
  142. ASP.NET Authorization
  143. Authentication using HttpModule
  144. cookie's problem
  145. Windows authentication Redirect /CustomErrors Issue
  146. Question about redirecting to a "session expired" page...
  147. Session variables in asp.net
  148. Accessing Cluster Disks from a WEB Application
  149. SSL Performance HIT in REVERSE? the clients are PEGGED as opposed to the server?
  150. How can I setup SSL on my LOCAL COMPUTER?
  151. Role based security and Domains
  152. accessing remote OLAP cube through WSS cause an error...
  153. Access to path denied
  154. Rindjael and testing failure
  155. using System.Net.NetworkCredential class
  156. How to Encrypt password
  157. Find Cookie Else Redirect
  158. Files become ReadOnly
  159. Reading the public key inside a strongly signed assembly from the assembly itself???
  160. Can't get ASP.Net to access remote folder share
  161. obfuscation question
  162. Windows Authentication
  163. Secure Multiple Applications in one Domain
  164. SQL Connectivity problem
  165. Server cannot access application directory... The directory does not exist or is not accessible because of security settings.
  166. Session expiration and authentication
  167. Help! HTTP 404 - The resource cannot be found.
  168. Confused
  169. Has anyone actually managed to create a Forms Authenticated web app with login over SSL?
  170. Remote SQL Connectivity Problem with ASP.Net Web Application
  171. Parser Error Message in Global.asax.cs
  172. using the key as the IV in RijndaelManaged, any problem?
  173. Forms Authentication via SSL question
  174. Windows Authenication Expiration
  175. SHA1 encoding differences with FormsAuthentication and SHA1CryptoServiceProvider
  176. Problem with Remote SQL Server Connectivity
  177. Encrypting cookies
  178. Newbie: Security Questions
  179. using "copy Project wizard" creates references to non-existant directories
  180. The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send
  181. Security content in Virtual Directory
  182. Fixed Impersonation vs Current login user
  183. .Net equivalent of OpenSSL's libeay32-library (HMAC based on SHA1)?
  184. problem with impersonation using LogonUser
  185. Impersonated login to web service from outside domain
  186. Cross-Site Scripting & sqlDataReader
  187. 401 Unauthorized when using DefaultCredentials
  188. Forms Authentication remembers me
  189. IsInRole doesn't works correctly
  190. RedirectFromLoginPage not redirecting
  191. Forms Authentication across applications
  192. <processModel>: Impersonation...?
  193. Probably a simple question
  194. Authentication Question
  195. Help! Problem Try to Create DNS Zone entry in Production
  196. Virus check in C# ASP.NET Web App
  197. Accessing network files from an external process
  198. What security model do you recommend ?
  199. Urgent- .Net 1.1 - Failure in loading a dll on another machine
  200. ADODB.connection safety settings error
  201. file download in ASP.Net
  202. Protecting site content
  203. New Project ASP.NET Error
  204. ASPNET/COM Security E_ACCESS_DENIED error
  205. response.redirect to an HTTPS not working
  206. Session
  207. ASP.NET and SSL
  208. Using the Jscript to update the ASPNET account to have the needed permissions
  209. Event Log Write Access error.
  210. ASPNET_SETREG runs on XP, not 2000
  211. Virtual Directory doesn't recognize auth ticket!
  212. Web.Config and Virtual Directory
  213. Windows Authentication
  214. ASPNET account and Domain Controller
  215. loosing Session ID in asp.net in Web Farm
  216. Custom Account to Run ASP.NET on Windows 2003
  217. Having an ASP.Net server write a flie to another server
  218. How to find user name for a task process running in windows 2k
  219. Error: Could not find a part of the path / Reading and Writing to files in ASP.Net
  220. Authentication between site and its virtual directory
  221. Failed to start monitoring file changes.
  222. authentication Problem with asp.net and java-applet
  223. accessing files in folder not under the web application
  224. Can't Read cookies on some PCs
  225. c# coding
  226. can't start a web app in VS.NET
  227. UnauthorizedAccessException when creating virtual dir from asp.net
  228. Trusted connection question
  229. Integrated windows authentication and NetworkCredential
  230. Client Side Certificate
  231. Please advise: ASP.Net and HTTPS
  232. testing SSL
  233. securing directories with role-based forms authentication
  234. Cookie Problems
  235. ASP.NET and client certificates
  236. impersonation works on local xp not on web server
  237. ASP.Net Session State Problem with IIS6
  238. HttpApplication.User.Identity.Name has old login id
  239. question on windows auth
  240. How long is the formsauthentication ticket valid
  241. ASP.NET Client Certificate Authentication Problem
  242. How to Debug ASP.NET Web App with SSL
  244. Forms and Windows Authentication
  245. Configuring Windows Auth & Forms Auth in Asp.Net
  246. Impersonation of forms-authenticated Active Directory user
  247. Web Configuration...
  248. convert to dll in vb.net (webapplication)
  249. Similar issue with .NET Security
  250. secret key string visible in dll