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  1. The format for the DVD player
  2. Cheap region 2 Blakes 7 dvd's?
  3. Nero 7 Is Here, Supports Blu-Ray & HD-DVD!
  4. Re: Hammond's SPOG SCIENTIFICALLY falsefied
  6. Copy DVD Gold - a new software that can copy dvd
  7. DVD Verdict reviews: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: SEASON TWO and more!
  8. New releases: Harryhausen Giftset, Alien Nation & Beggars And Choosers: Updated complete downloadable R1 DVD DB & info lists
  9. Rental DVD???
  10. Nero, Quicktime?
  11. Dvd Joining question
  12. DVD Player Recommendation: Sony ES, Yamaha, Denon, or other?
  13. DVD Player Recommendation: Sony ES, Yamaha, Denon, or other?
  15. TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 Layer Breaks at cut points
  16. Re: stand alone divx player
  17. FA: Sophies Choice DVD
  18. images look wider in dvd
  19. remote control for Akai DVPX-7800?
  20. HD-DVD will *not* have regional codes
  21. Convert flash files to DVD
  22. A dvd authoring and burning question
  23. Six channel or two channel sound on DVD?
  24. DVD+R DVD-R
  25. REQ: Need informations on GoVideo VR-3930
  26. Editing DVDs
  27. HD DVD May Be Region Free.
  28. A New Deserter from the HD-DVD Camp: Warner Bros.
  29. DVDs versus HDTV
  30. Time is not on my side. - Please Help.
  31. Antonioni's THE PASSENGER on DVD - Any Info??
  32. VOB files edited and re-saved as mpg?
  33. New DVD Release of John Carpenter's "The Fog"
  34. Intervocative/DVD Profiler Website down?
  35. Brittas Empire Error
  36. New version of Kubrick's 'Shining' preview
  37. What is the best dvd version of Evil Dead 2?
  38. Daggers Drawn Over DVDs
  39. want to use dvd player
  40. DVD Verdict reviews: GANTZ: SUDDEN DEATH (VOLUME 6) and more!
  41. What software to watch B-Buster DVD's?
  42. Semi OT: DRM for CDs - Fans revolt
  43. New "Fly" 2 DVD Edition
  44. Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection: Universal Horror.
  46. WANTED: DVD player displaying ID3 Tags on front display
  47. DVD Verdict reviews: LOST: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON and more!
  48. Simpson's S6 replacement box
  49. Dear Touchstone
  50. Whit Stillman's Metropolitan on Criterion
  51. Hi definition movies available now
  52. Any advice on Velan software Fast DVD copy v4?
  53. Hitchcock and other newly digitally remastered old movies - wait for high-def?
  54. Length of the Movie?
  55. dvd players that last more than a year
  56. Website showing DVD releases by standard?
  57. DVD Verdict reviews: THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (2005), BEYOND THE FRINGE, and more!
  58. Ripping Help?
  59. UDF or ISO for AVI/MPG ??????
  60. *Hard to Find* Jumanji Board Game
  61. New releases: Star Wars Re-release, Raymond & PBS blitz: Updated complete downloadable R1 DVD DB & info lists
  62. Paramount has a Blu-ray day.
  63. Toshiba Exhibits HD DVD Player At CEATEC JAPAN 2005.
  64. Paramount straddles the fence
  65. Insignia DVD recorder copy protected
  66. digitallyObsessed reviews Cinderella: Platinum Edition
  67. Cannot play DVD in Win Media Player 10
  68. New Website
  69. DVD Verdict reviews: THE OUTSIDERS: THE COMPLETE NOVEL and more!
  70. DVD/VCR Combos
  71. Home Entertainment -- continually threatening to put Movie Cartelout of Business
  72. Bestselling PLASMA TV Review
  73. DVD Recorder w/ Fast Layer Change?
  74. Cannot erase DVD-RW
  75. help with error message "please check tv system"
  76. Re: I wish they'd release more using SuperBit DVDs
  77. Improper framing of NTSC DVDs on widescreen PAL television?
  78. Firewire and IDE Burners Suddenly Burn Coasters?? HELP!
  79. Please help me compare iLo DVDRH04 vs Pioneer DVD-533H-S
  80. ASU/USC : can you review a Penalty?
  81. DVD Stops Burning?
  82. xrentDVD.com Rental Problems
  83. PLEASE: Need Good Advice on Buying Region-Free DVD/Video Combo!
  84. Midnight Cowboy: Special DVD
  85. CG animated Sleepy Hollow?
  86. DVD shrink Compression setting question
  87. * Need HELP with Sharp Region Free DVD/VCR NC80- Set-Up *
  88. Epson R210-310 printer CD help
  89. Using sky plus to edit before copying
  90. Help!!! Advice on tech question, please...
  92. FA: 4 hrs to go! Spinal Tap Criterion DVD, Serenity/Firefly promo DVD
  93. "Zulu Dawn" - WIDESCREEN!!!!! 113 Mins.
  94. Sony and Blu-Ray going down the tubes...
  95. From The Economist
  96. Want to avoid having to do a favor: suggestion?
  97. NEWBIE - DVD burn problem - need help
  98. Optimal burning speed
  99. Microsoft explains its decision to back HD DVD.
  100. DVD Verdict reviews: AVERAGE WHITE BAND: LIVE AT MONTREUX and more!
  101. Help: Ingmar Bergman Special Edition Collection aspect ratio??
  102. QT to VOB or other?
  103. OT: video tapes need a clean
  104. HD-DVD Launch Delayed Until 2006.
  105. Girl racer documentary
  106. SKY+ System
  107. why don't we have cool gadgets in the US?
  108. MPEG2 PS stream Muxing
  109. DVD Verdict reviews: 21 JUMP STREET: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON and more!
  110. OT The copy protection nonsense thinks this will work (Audio)
  111. Creepy companies join format war
  112. I despise Intel
  113. Widescreen dvd - 16:9 tv problem
  114. dvd burner
  115. BestBuy's Panasonic DVD Recorders
  116. BestBuy's Panasonic DVD Recorders
  117. BestBuy's Panasonic DVD Recorders
  118. FA: Spinal Tap Criterion DVD, Serenity (Firefly) promo DVD
  119. American Pie 3-Pack RATED... Fool Screen Only?!
  120. Is it okay to store videos in a basement storage room?
  121. Using Nero how to copy avi files?
  122. Upconverting HDMI DVD players - recommendations? Is Panasonic S77 the best?
  123. Ceatec: Toshiba to show laptop with HD-DVD drive.
  124. DVD Verdict reviews: ROBOTS, LORDS OF DOGTOWN: UNRATED EXTENDED CUT, and more!
  125. New releases: Sky High, March Of The Penguins & Hustle & Flow: Updated complete downloadable R1 DVD DB & info lists
  126. Microsoft and Intel to Support HD-DVD.
  127. Sony RDRGX 300 dvd recorder and Verbatim DVD-RW media
  128. The Star Wars: Episode III DVD Features.
  130. Midnight Cowboy special edition DVD ?
  131. Toshiba SD-4980, 5980, and V593 DVD players - no HDMI audio in bitstream mode?
  132. problems backing up dvds
  133. The Fly 1986
  134. Smartvision Y4312 DVD/ DivX
  135. mpeg to dvd
  136. CD-DA to Wav to DVD as Wav files?
  137. Re: When will we see the new DVD format?
  138. Toshiba Corporation today reconfirmed the flexibility and expandability of the HD DVD format with the announcement
  139. DVD +R burning problem.
  140. Special Ordering DVDs Online
  141. Re: Newbie hook-up question
  142. FA: Serenity (Firefly) promo DVD, Spinal Tap Criterion DVD
  143. Backing up DVD
  144. eeverything you need
  145. HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc)
  146. Back to the future
  147. Svideo to TV viewing
  148. COMM: FS: Movie News from DVDBoxOffice.com
  149. question on sub titles
  150. Newbie hook-up question
  151. Blu-ray To Beat HD DVD Inside 12 Months?
  152. Dinosaurs TV series
  153. DVD Verdict reviews: THE MARKSMAN, SATISFACTION, BOLERO, and more!
  154. When will we see the new DVD format?
  155. Can You Burn An Xvid to a CD?
  156. Burner not reading DL disks
  157. Panasonic A115 DVD player frequently gives "Discs of this type cannot be played" message
  158. DVD Verdict reviews: DANCE OFF THE INCHES: 15 MINUTE EXPRESS and more!
  159. DVD only Voice NOT music ???
  160. divx to windows media convert software
  161. Splitting 700,000 kb avi's to fit onto CD-R's
  162. space 1999 dvdr wanted
  163. cheap DVDs
  165. US POLL TAX introduced?
  167. Night Court DVD
  168. Any Traders On This Board?
  169. From Beyond Where is it at?
  170. FYI: Best Buy - Sneaky Bastages....
  171. "Species Trilogy" question
  172. M&A Bookdealers - are you out there??
  173. Amerika - 1987 TV mini-series
  174. DVD Verdict reviews: MAJOR DUNDEE: THE EXTENDED VERSION and more!
  175. WTD : Inside the actors studio on dvd
  176. New releases: Sin City Extended, Skeleton Key & Space: Above & Beyond: Updated complete downloadable R1 DVD DB & info lists
  177. Mac: Can you burn .wmv to DVDs?
  178. Help needed with Plextor 708a drive with DVD-R media
  179. menu software ?
  180. OT: Fastlane Covers
  181. What does Standby-On mean?
  182. DVD Verdict reviews: MONSTER-IN-LAW, EMPIRE FALLS, THE INNOCENTS, and more!
  183. JVC -- Shouldn't Be This Hard
  184. Pure Speculation: The bleeding edge of disc technology
  185. how to print on top of dvd disks?
  186. Please share The.Fifth.Element.16x9.720p.WM9.HD-DVD.wmv if you have it.
  187. Anyone here tried out KDVD/KSVCD?
  188. Opinions of DivXtoDVD vs. WinAVI vs. The FilmMachine?
  189. Please help a beginner
  190. DVD stores in LA-- suggestions??
  191. Rental Subscription Model Fails To Spread
  192. UK: Interference with Toshiba RDSX34 on TV
  193. Over 2000 mp3+g karaoke titles on DVD for pc or mac.
  194. Connecting DVD player to TV/VCR combo & cable box
  195. How Would I Join 2 Dvd Movie Files
  196. Recordable DVD and video
  197. HELP!!! Is that David Duchovny's voice on the Pedigree dog food commercial?
  198. Offering the CAR-DVD and Portable Media Player(pmp).
  199. billy wilder missing in action
  200. Upconverting DVD players
  201. Theme Music on Married with Children DVDs
  202. Best Buy Superbits: $9.99
  203. DVD Verdict reviews: I AM THE CHEESE, SORTED, SORUM, and more!
  204. How can I play 2 DVDs at the same time?
  205. How Do I Get 2 dvd files On One Blank Dvdr
  206. New Ipod Nano Just Released, Free (with only 2 referrals)
  207. Newbie DVD help!!! MP3's, DIVX, XVID, and Long File Names
  208. hdmi cables
  209. Software submission service
  210. Can You Help On A Dvd Authoring Issue
  211. ratDVD
  212. Robert Wise - R.I.P.
  214. DVD Verdict reviews: ELFEN LIED: VECTOR THREE (VOLUME 3) and more!
  215. Sahara filming location?
  216. Bedazzled (1967) Any word of a release for Fox?
  217. DVD with no audio
  218. The Wild Geese - 9/27/05
  219. CHICAGO - 3 Disc Set
  220. Where to find Movie Maker 2.0?
  221. Sima GoDvd!
  222. Fever Pitch (Boston Red Sox Collector's Edition) - Q re DVD's ending...
  223. DVD Verdict reviews: ALF: SEASON TWO, DALLAS: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON, and more!
  224. Beyond the Office [Making Movies: Copying Old Home Movies to DVD - 09/13/2005]
  225. Mischief Dvds
  226. Converting HD to Divx or Wmv HD how ???
  227. DVD Verdict reviews: FEVER PITCH (2005), COWBOY BEBOP REMIX 1, and more!
  228. Any tips to keep DVD player in good condition.
  229. New releases: Fantastic Four, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Stealth: Updated complete downloadable R1 DVD DB & info lists
  230. dvd request
  232. Ben-Hur: Proper aspect ratio?
  233. Religious propaganda in Ben-Hur release
  234. DVDs from Poland
  235. WARNING - DVD Fire Hazzard
  236. DVD Verdict reviews: SAUL AND DAVID, JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN, and more!
  237. Please help me choose provider
  238. FA two Gaspar Noe DVDs
  239. September 2001 Dance Mix Video Wanted
  240. Cafe DVD
  241. Moving VHS to DVD
  242. New sound for HD discs???
  243. FA: Autographed VHS, DVD, magazines, by Debbie Rochon and Amy Lynn Best
  244. Love Comes Quietly
  245. Dutch or Belgian films
  246. Memories on TV
  247. FA: DVD
  248. DVD Verdict reviews: SWIMMING UPSTREAM, IT'S EASIER FOR A CAMEL..., and more!
  249. Gladiator 3 disc
  250. Dune: How Many Productions?