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  1. Word 2007 XML merge & PDF conversion on Unix
  2. XML DOM: I'm doing it all wrong, right?
  3. Help with xslt
  4. [Ann] RefleX : mastering XML with XML
  5. selecting a range of nodes
  6. passing in an element as a parameter to a stylesheet
  7. DTD content to represent<![CDATA[..]]>
  8. If DTD is unspecifed XML should not parse
  9. How to concatenate 2 fields
  10. [ANN] CodeSynthesis XSD 3.0.0 - Open-source XML Schema to C++ compiler
  11. Question on unparsed entities & DTDs
  12. xalan extension functions
  13. inventor 11
  14. XHTML Orphaned text representation in a DOM
  15. Special characters within CDATA
  16. search script help
  17. XSLT: selecting nodes matching either of 2 criteria
  18. Why the chaper 4 is titled as "Physical Structures" in XML v4
  19. Ann: Generative XPath
  20. How do I add my own namespace to another and create an XSD ?
  21. header("Expires: Mon, 26 Jul 1997 05:00:00 GMT");
  22. XML Key Problem
  23. Xpath selecting specific attributes and concatinating their values.
  24. firefox doesn't like 'disable-output-escaping' setting... looking for alternatives
  25. How to get PHP to Order by Day of Month when processing an XML file Options
  26. unable to find DTD
  27. XPath expression for element based on content of other element withsame parent
  28. An often asked question - document consistency
  29. how to escape a string with XSL?
  30. Schema element contain text or elements, but not both.
  31. Finding elements without specific descendants
  32. XSL transform trying to be smarter?
  33. loading a single xml file with different stylesheets
  34. Help - use XSLT to group by multiple values?
  35. SVG in HTML
  36. Injecting a copy of a value using a xslt
  37. make mistake in using XML to deploy web application archive file
  38. Merging children from different elements
  39. multiple XSL transforms in one? OR a generate-id() problem.
  40. Comparing Subtrees in XSLT
  41. Arguments for and against storing data in attributes
  42. RELAX NG - How to define "oneOrMore" for attributes?
  43. XSD Deficiency: Incompatibility of xs:add and xs:any
  44. XSD Deficiency: Incompatibility of xs:add and xs:any
  45. destroy XercesDOMParser object caused memory violation
  46. RELAX NG - How to define attribute value types?
  47. RSS over Multiple Servers/Systems
  48. need help with XSLT displaying multiple (duplicate) nodes
  49. recursive xml schema - going in the right direction?
  50. my first xml schema - I think it's good. Is it really?
  51. How to concat in XML
  52. Automatic Schematic Generation (System Graph) and Viewer
  53. xml schema to specify element type based on attribute value?
  54. How to convert XMLCh* to std::wstring?
  55. XPath for selecting elements which start with a text node???
  56. Free XML Editor for Eclipse
  57. [ANN] XBinder XSD to C/C++ data binding tool
  58. XSLT Sequential Numbering
  59. xmlbeans.jar newbie question
  60. xmlbeans.jar newbie question
  61. NetAccessorException
  62. crashed when casting from DOMNode* to DOMElement*, why?
  63. What's wrong with following codes? (xerces)
  64. Schema Question
  65. Schema question
  66. WSDL error with DIME
  67. Copying child elements to converted document as is?
  68. How to generate elements that comply with schema?
  69. copying all but one type of Nodes in XSLT
  70. Variables in XSLT
  71. Crash while using LocalFileFormatTarget
  72. Extreme Markup Languages Final Program Now Available
  73. RSS feed questions
  74. Slow running XSLT: Any help appreciated
  75. build xalanc using msvs2005
  76. Help on table align on left of page vs left hanging indent
  77. Is this complexType declaration valid?
  78. newbie XSLT question
  79. xml:aid table to HTML
  80. Need an XML editor comparable to Visual Studio 2005
  81. XML and XHTML
  82. XSD question
  83. Generating XML file with information extracted from database
  84. New to this type of XML page
  85. xmi and dotnet
  86. XQuery questions
  87. Tree Merging Problem
  88. XML -> XSD
  89. convert HTML code within XML file
  90. Could not find function: empty
  91. XMLDateTime::operator= memory access violation?
  92. How to point to an element using context-dependent information?
  93. XML features
  94. Java object as input in XSL-FO processor?
  95. XML Parser
  96. LaTeX->PSGML
  97. XSLT exclude-result-prefixes not preventing namespace declaration in output
  98. ]]> in cdata tags
  99. DTDs and XML: another "not well formed" question
  100. Is XML right for this?
  101. Include Elements from other namespace in own XML
  102. How to include Tex in Docbook
  103. Dynamically Loading an XSLT Transform Inside an HTML DIV?
  104. how to extract from _inside_ xml tag
  105. XML document with schema and stylesheet
  107. Technical documentations in XML?
  108. Create empty subtree from schema?
  109. XML Schema Issues
  110. ANN: CSW XML Summerschool (Oxford)
  111. xspx fired xsm/xsl website
  112. Can someone confirm my DTD & namespace solution?
  113. [ANN] XML Hammer 1.0 rc-1 Released
  114. My XML buried in some HTML which is all wrapped up in my XML?
  115. I want to select all the node names beneath a given node
  116. I want to select all the node names beneath a given node
  117. a question on xslt with php5
  118. XQuery equivalent to NOT IN (subquery)
  119. Is this impossible via XSL?
  120. xmlns attribute produces XHTML validation error.
  121. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor (XXE) 3.6.1
  122. rss feeds update
  123. XPath abbreviated form
  124. Haskellizing XSLT
  125. newbie and have a problem getting to validate
  126. Writing output to a 'log' file from within xsl:result-document
  127. XSLT and XML namespace issue
  128. XSLT Compare two documents and output differences
  129. cvc-complex-type validation errors
  130. XML HTTP POST Messaging
  131. emailing xml files
  132. Newbie : XPath query question
  133. zhtom
  134. text to xml conversion
  135. [ANN] XMLmind FO Converter v4.0 - Support of Open XML
  136. xslt - applying template to sequential group of nodes
  137. help with xlst .. only extract parts
  138. graph representation
  139. conversion of non-ascii characters with xslt?
  140. XML Schema with variable number of attributes
  141. Encoding IPv4 Address to HexBinary
  142. Friendly UI Generator from XSD
  143. is the encoding directive case sensitive
  144. Validating XML against XSD
  145. Generation of a table of contents using XSL - FOP
  146. Querying XML
  147. 'Effective Content' of a ComplexType in a Schema
  148. simple XSLT question
  149. Preview release of LTXML2
  150. Option between simple OR complex types in an XML Schema?
  151. Entity DTD Declarations and Whitespace
  152. help needed
  153. Is there a tool to get names and values of XHTML Nodes ?
  154. Tough transform to solve.........
  155. Embed HTML in XML
  156. Hierarchical query
  157. What is XML for Motif resource files + xnllanguage?
  158. Awesome
  159. Web Service
  160. Textual XML editor
  161. Logic and Syntax for Node Iteration
  162. can I simplify this?
  163. use of following-sibling
  164. XSLT xml to xml simple question about formatting
  165. Sorting XML data ??
  166. Problematical RFC 822 date-time value
  167. Is it possible to split an xml schema in two separate files
  168. Schema Library Datamodels
  169. Displaying items after a certain date
  170. Page load delays
  171. XML schema location
  172. Expat 2.0.1 released
  173. Wildcards in SML schema
  174. Wildcard vs. Import
  175. choosing element with no attribute
  176. CDATA and XSD
  177. XSLT namespace selection (how)?
  178. SVG + XSLT => VML ???
  179. Need help to extract node using JAVA Xpath
  180. Humble little XSL Firefox extension
  181. new line
  182. Recursively including all dependencies of an element
  183. XSLT2 transformation with Java?
  184. Ways to write a XML file
  185. XSLT Used in Firefox and IE
  186. good xml editor
  187. XML Forms Based Standalone Application
  188. Question about create pivot table in xslt
  189. XSLT 1.0: Selecint unique nodes only
  190. Xerces C++ parser book.
  191. is this stylesheet valid?
  192. Why parentNode has no properties?
  193. Guidelines for writing an XML API
  194. XSL to convert an XML in similar format's without changing any tags
  195. XSL help needed for dummy
  196. REST based XML API
  197. XSLT 1.0: Select children based on arbitrary node?
  198. listing footnotes
  199. XSLT indirect variable lookup
  200. XMLlab 1.6 is out !
  201. Looking for freely available, huge DTD
  202. rendering properly escaped characters
  203. XSD validation using relative path
  204. XSL: recursive template call (using different predicates)
  205. Xsd from Wsdl
  206. Regarding XML Querying
  207. Newbie: Only select certain nodes in an xsl:template match
  208. Transforming xhtml with xslt
  209. Can I use XML as an article database ?
  210. XML Spec CharData doubt
  211. Re: using css in html embedded in xml rendered using xsl with javascript (phew)
  212. Validate client-side XSLT result of xhtml-math-svg
  213. Custom Software Development
  214. General question about XSLT capabilities
  215. Schema data type setting
  216. using css in html embedded in xml rendered using xsl with javascript (phew)
  217. Text to XML conversion
  218. XSLT for WSDL reduction
  219. Adding to DocBook DTD
  220. Convert CSV To html via XSLT
  221. select/join using XSL
  222. Re: Elements with maxOccurs (some unbound, some 1)
  223. Re: Elements with maxOccurs (some unbound, some 1)
  224. Problem with <xsl:document> using xalan (jdk 1.5)
  225. Elements with maxOccurs (some unbound, some 1)
  226. [Announce] Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 Now Available
  227. Xmlhttprequest - response to transfer data
  228. Problem is having attributes as a part self closing tag's
  229. Problem is having attributes as a part self closing tag's
  230. xml configuration files editor
  231. xml configuration files editor
  232. Literal Nodes
  233. Are schemas better than DTDs for defining entities?
  234. Can someone point me at the FAQ?
  235. Where do I start?
  236. Where do I start?
  237. Extending an existing XML format
  238. c++ XML processor class?
  239. <xsl:when> on more than one selection
  240. XML editor without tags
  241. XSLT Lookup Help!!! Options
  242. XSLT and Multiple XML Files
  243. Flat HTML headers to nested XML sections
  244. select XML node containing a matching string
  245. convert xml to html with xsltproc
  246. I need help in changing the XSL code
  247. How to define a "blacklist" schema type?
  248. multiplicity not validated by SAX ?
  249. Making a Xerces archive library
  250. RSS feed clarification?