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  1. CSS is seriously broken
  2. Sort by variable
  3. XML MULTI-TABLES parsing and mySQL
  4. xslt alone or xslt/java for static site?
  5. Dataset to Database
  6. What am I missing re: very simple XML->XML transform
  7. Selecting subelements from a node-set
  8. fop - problem....
  9. why SOM of msxml4 can't load this schema?
  10. [Ant] Merge two xml files
  11. Generate xml node tree from xmi (xml) help
  12. M$oft patents the wheel
  13. RSS newsfeed
  14. XML Schema enumeration question
  15. 'select' element on XForms
  16. "Nesting" XML documents using DOM
  17. multiplie grouping
  18. List of effective pages. xsl-fo
  19. Recursively creating a DOM Tree
  20. Trying to locate a standard XML schema
  21. JAXB Reference Implementation Bug ?
  22. Looking for a XML project
  23. Links and XLinks??
  24. Determining QName from a URIref in RDFS
  25. Use Parameter value in match or select - 'Parameterized XPath expressions ?'
  26. how to approach an XSLT task
  27. pb schema XML
  28. XSD question (same attributes, different elements...)
  29. docbook2html alternative for XML
  30. Schema of xml
  31. Xpath apache xerces/xalan dom3
  32. escape character in XML text string
  33. A question about XPP
  34. page break priority
  35. XSL Transform trouble (XML newbie)
  36. xsl:fo retrieve width and height of an imag
  37. targetNamespace/import conflict
  38. (Non)deterministic XML Schema
  39. New to XML
  40. Order of nodes in xsl:for-each nodeset (Xalan-J)
  41. XSL FO Course
  42. How to create a java "extends"/"implements" clause with xsd file and castor?
  43. Is it just 'bad form'?
  44. January 29 (web services security) panel discussion at San Diego Supercomputer Center
  45. Re: CORENA launches Life*TYPE - Official press release
  46. browser does not transform xml when server through web server
  47. position() doesn't return expected value
  48. Newbie again: position() doesn't return expected value
  49. equal sign in value portion of xml tag
  50. Newbie: translate() within <template name="">
  51. CORENA launches Life*TYPE - Official press release
  52. Speller for XML files
  53. Newbie problem?: XML-Schema Instance Validation (xerces 2.6.0, confusingcvc-complex-type errors)
  54. [xsl:fo] : spaces underlining issues.
  55. XSL substitution
  56. accessing documentation elements/unhandled attributes via the som
  57. problem with the unicode character 0x2a2b29
  58. output tag-name of a XMLnode with xerces
  59. XSD: Extenstion, substituion, and recursion, Oh My!
  60. remove header comment from Xerces output
  61. Unknown code page
  62. Documention for xerces-c 1.6.0?
  63. Q: tool recommendation for large XML Schema
  64. XMLSpy 5 evaluation keycode
  65. correct use of xsi:schemaLocation
  66. Strange (to me) import statements
  67. XML schema uniqueness constraints
  68. FOP Dynamic Heading Size?
  69. Xerces 2.6 and validation of XML schema constraints
  70. model to xml
  71. XSD: Character in regular expression
  72. XSL question-- walking a hierarchy
  73. referencing another XSD file within an XSD file
  74. January Meeting of the Washington Area XML Users Group
  75. Values to Schema Data Types
  76. escape colon in xml tag names
  77. Are there any XPath parsers that generate XPath trees?
  78. XML: Collecting ancestors
  79. looking for a tool
  80. SOAP & WSDL & Fail-over
  81. HTML to XML
  82. Problem converting XML to HTML using XSLT on Netscape 7.0
  83. Parsing Raw filter text data using XML
  84. accessing previous context inside apply-templates?
  85. Global variables and recursive calls
  86. When using Xerces, how can I validate the text in createTextNode()
  87. XML-Stylesheet declaration in DTD causing issues
  88. Validating XML document without using "xsi:schemaLocation" attribute
  89. Docbook XML: Image in the Page Header
  90. XPath, SUm of Attributes for certain Elemnets
  91. DocBook - numbering sections - newbie question
  92. Xerces Perl - Don't want DOCTYPE
  93. xslt
  94. XML Schema: disjunctive attributes for element possible ?
  95. problems when installing Protege
  96. Using XSLT and XPath for graph data structure processing?
  97. Using XSLT and XPath for graph data structure processing?
  98. How do I append and modify an XML file on-line?
  99. XML & XSLT namespaces
  100. Reading XML in .Net
  101. Newbie: how to make parser find a schema
  102. RTL in XML
  103. JAXB Components from namespace are not referenceable from schema document
  104. XAdES examples/information
  105. XML and VML Job
  106. Represent deleted data with XML
  107. Problem in parsing xml document with japanese text
  108. Command line XML
  109. running eXist 1.0b1 under windows
  110. XML schemas, including arbitrary elements
  111. [ANN] xmlBlueprint 2.1 released
  112. Newbie: parsing and validation
  113. XQuery APIs -- how do you identify the XML source
  114. ANN: NNDef XML toolkit for Neural Networks now available for download
  115. xsd: any complex type?
  116. XML and CSS -> Blank Screen :(
  117. New release of ExamXML visual tool for comparing and merging XML files.
  118. How to setup apache web server to display xml file?
  119. Q: localfile as validating scheme (anyURI problem)
  120. A form in an XML-doc
  121. XSL-FO?
  122. schema compatibility
  123. <xsl:when test=""> help with xslt
  124. how can I do this ?
  125. XSL and QNames
  126. Q: JAXB and default in the element tag (plus some other Q's)
  127. HR-XML NAICS element - Can a document contain multiple
  128. how to search in a column only ??? (as in a database)
  129. how to search in a column only ??? (as in a database)
  130. XML? Big deal... I just don't get it
  131. XML on MAC
  132. XSL - skipping tags
  133. [ANN] GEFEG Creates Free XML Upgrade Program for Foresight and Edifecs EDI Customers
  134. Inconsistent FOP behavior ?
  135. Big Picture General Question about XML SOAP and WSDL Web Services
  136. How to use "<" character inside attribute?
  137. Translating characters and enties
  138. a parse error when using the xml4c.
  139. xslt to dynamically re-namespace elements
  140. How can I view an wml file?
  141. XML Catalogs on Linux
  142. XML Schema namespace prefix?
  143. Tricky XSL question (?)
  144. Defaulting empty XML elements
  145. XML Vocabulary for PostScript
  146. Blank Data Fields, How2 Preserve Tbl Columns?, use &nbsp;
  147. XForms and Schemas
  148. match muliple header records to associated detail records
  149. creating a new empty document with DOM
  150. branching XSLT tree
  151. looping templates
  152. invalid characters in tag name
  153. Writing to XML file
  154. XML Transaction
  155. Newbie question
  156. Where is the SOAP 1.1 Spec?
  157. books!
  158. Can Altova mapforce be used to map fields between two RDF (Resource Definition Framework) XML files?
  159. XSD alphanumerical, reg_exp
  160. attrybutes from higher elements XSLT
  161. MINIMAL xml parser
  162. Pass file name parameter to xsl stylesheet
  163. xsl:choose
  164. XML Newbie - C structures
  165. Call for Papers: DATAX Workshop 2004
  166. Whitespace in Canonicalized XML
  167. paterns for phones' numbers
  168. Public ID for TEI Lite
  169. stack values in xsl or substract element from tree
  170. eliminate hard-coded file names in xsl
  171. Tweak xsl to eliminate duplicate data and blank lines
  172. creating composite XML documents
  173. Search and Replace Text in XML file
  174. new XML query language
  175. validate xml in java
  176. TEILite CSS Stylesheet
  177. Java XSLT Tranformer: DOMSource vs. StreamSource problem
  178. Problem with xsl:call-template
  179. newbie:importance of XML?
  180. XSL e Sort
  181. fop 0.20.5: How to get a table and text in one line?
  182. New XML facilities for VB6
  183. XSLT chains - to pull or to push?
  184. Merge two xml files on common date field and write out tab-delimited file
  185. [ANN] XML Standards Library 2.0 : Updated 2003-12-20
  186. Xml2Table update: Local files support
  187. XSL-FO: How to wrapping text on an image?
  188. XSLT: outputting element contents without containing tags
  189. xml/vb/java common date format
  190. CSS problem in IE
  191. Throwing exceptions from with XSL
  192. Generating multiple XHTML pages from an XML file
  193. XML2Table update (Excel supported)
  194. difficult xsl transform clarification
  195. difficult xsl transform
  196. page-position='last' is not yet implemented (NYI)
  197. miss something about xslt
  198. Any parsers supporting identity constraints to check XML files?
  199. Missing xmlns attribute while indenting using xalan (JAVA)
  200. How to do a choice on aggregation with XML schema
  201. Fop embedding EUDC fots problems
  202. XML Schema problem...
  203. xsl-fo and xml file to test xalan to create fo-file
  204. Xerces C++ help in GetNodeValue(). Beginner question....
  205. schema unordered element list with any element
  206. XPATH expression.
  207. xsl problem
  208. DHS Rss Feed?
  209. how to use starts-with
  210. Web utility: XML to Table
  211. Next version of Altova Authentic and Corel XMetaL
  212. Embedding xml as remote obects into static html
  213. XML for Coders (XFC)
  214. Java class to translate from utf-8 to iso-8859-x
  215. SVG doesn't raise events when embedded in HTML
  216. utf-8 chars lost via ftp?
  217. [ANN] Exchanger XML Editor V1.2 Released
  218. How to split up HTML table XSL??
  219. XML Client/server side
  220. xsl-t tutorial
  221. Question about attribute inheritence in XML Schemas using <xsd:extension>
  222. Writing brief report on XML databases...
  223. A question on the xsl.
  224. LF Example parsing XML from a string not a file
  225. Is Cocoon for us?
  226. merge two xml files based on common key
  227. xml in java
  228. Linking to a separate CSS in XSL
  229. Encoding problems / Perl 5.8.0 / XML::LibXML / XML::LibXSLT
  230. Silly ID question
  231. expat GetAttribute help cpp
  232. encoding in embedded svg in FOP
  233. xs:all in schema
  234. call-template in curly brackets
  235. Tutorials/examples for SAX2 with Perl
  236. SAX parseing goes 'all funny' on value [en]
  237. not well format xml and cdata
  238. ANN: XMLBuddy and XMLBuddy Pro 2.0 now available
  239. XML to CSV made easy?
  240. How to programatically assign a validating schema using Xerces?
  241. Help on including one XML document within another XML document using XML Schemas
  242. Deleting tags via XSL
  243. from data structure to xml an vice versa
  244. Checking compatibility between schemas
  245. SAX and Servlets - How?
  246. Generating XML fragment to DOM node using XSL
  247. Macromedia looking for developers using XML
  248. Using XSLT to validate source XML's DTD
  249. Are RSS feeds supposed to be dynamically generated?
  250. Checking compatibility between schemas