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  1. XML schema for parameters needed
  2. [ANN] XML Prague Mar 21/22 ... one month to go
  3. moto Mobile PSP Game & memory card
  4. [ANN]vtd-xml 2.5 released
  5. moto Mobile PSP Game & memory card
  6. XML Schema Help For a Newbie
  7. moto Mobile PSP Game & memory card
  8. ANN: XMLMax Virtual XML Editor Beta
  9. Cocoon Forms tool
  10. looking for an an XPath/XQuery equivalent to a regexp pattern
  11. Error while setting parameter using -p option in xalan
  12. keyword search over XML streams
  13. How to select only specific rows from xml using xsl
  14. xinclude / xpointer problem (validation by Altova XML Spy 2008 Sp1)
  15. XSLT Grouping and Counting Question
  16. XSLT 2.0 space separated list type access with Saxon 9.1 -sa -val
  17. Re: XSLT for-each get previous item
  18. XSLT to Remove Elements with Specific Attributes?
  19. Re: XSLT for-each get previous item
  20. CXML Invoice to add Distribution in invoice header level
  21. Re: Lahjatilanne
  22. xpath descendant question
  23. XSD restriction of nesting an element within another element with aspecific attribute value?
  24. Syntax?
  25. XML element structure Q.
  26. XML Schema validation problems
  27. [ANN] XML Prague Mar 21/22, final program announced
  28. FYI: YML 2.0 released
  29. XSLT nightmare
  30. Simplexml - how to use it with ["@attributes"]=>
  31. OCR of ancient periodicals. What about XML outputs?
  32. Relax NG external reference question
  33. saxon 9 sa warning on schema unique constraint
  34. XHTML & application/xml?
  35. [XFC] XMLmind XSL-FO Converter 4.3 released
  36. XHTML Doctype?
  37. Newbie: Almost empty output when translating from DocBook to XML,why?
  38. Re: Units of measure in XML documents
  39. XSLT / XPATH 2.0 split float to exponent / mantissa and find nearestengineering format
  40. Re: Units of measure in XML documents
  41. Advise wanted
  42. XML/schema validation errors
  43. xslt concatenation
  44. moto Mobile PSP Game & memory card
  45. XSL - conditional sort
  46. entities in attribute values
  47. FOP how to find the error line
  48. Re: Returning XML from a SOAP call
  49. mixing single and double quotes
  50. using xsl file to parse out a chunk of XML
  51. Novice Developer Errors: "Non-whitespace characters are not allowed"and IE BG image
  52. Best way to display a large XML
  53. Ann: Liquid Technologies Releases New Freeware XML Studio AndSilverlight Code Generator
  54. Boolean true and false as strings
  55. Conditional variable assignment
  56. vids+pics
  57. OAGIS CNTROLAREA definition
  58. xml to html
  59. Best book to learn XSLT
  60. Re: Using AltovaXML with C++/CLI
  61. Total newbie question
  62. XQUERY UPDATE with SAXON9 -sa
  63. XSD restrictions/extensions
  64. SAXON 9 / ALTOVA (2008 SP1) and coding style
  65. get list item by attribute value
  66. xquery on elements with attribute named 'type'
  67. how to refer to data stored in xml from xml itself?
  68. ContentHandler.characters( ) in SAX
  69. Re: XPath Comparisons
  70. posting
  71. how to format GET for a SOAP request
  72. xslt 2.0 getting two points of a list for interpolation
  73. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor 4.2.0
  74. Convert your documents to XML
  75. Re: A (simple) XPath Question.
  76. does anyone know how fast someone retrieve data in a xml file?
  77. Re: A (simple) XPath Question.
  78. Returning "nearest in document" matches using XPath
  79. Uses of processing instructions and notations
  80. New to XML
  81. Basic Doubt regarding XML import statement.
  82. XSD restriction to a set of string values
  83. Light-weight, free, XML Editor?
  84. [ANN] Qizx 2.2 released
  85. Using PHP to parse specific XML tag content?
  86. how to release file handle in xercesc
  87. xincluding a file twice
  88. Help with xslt
  89. icon for validity
  90. Job opportunity at the University of Florida
  91. XFDL digital signature
  92. Form-based xml editor
  93. Any simple example for read/write file from web server to local PC?
  94. How to add onchange event to dropdown using xslt
  95. XPath 2 and XSLT 2 for libxml2, libxslt
  96. XML Attribute and XSL
  97. XMLSpy: copy data from EXCEL,paste XMLSPY 2004
  98. Data analysis of large collection of XML files
  99. Help needed with transition
  100. XML - XPath Help Please
  101. [XSLT] How to establish a context node without <xsl:for-each>
  102. Leave &quot; alone in transformation
  103. Leave &quot; alone in transformation
  104. [ANN] XMLBlueprint XML Editor 6.2 is now available.
  105. Xpath and axis navigation using libxml
  106. how can I add next line?
  107. Adding a link in XML to point the specific page of .pdf file.
  108. Noob XSD question
  109. XSLT - Extracting name-value pairs
  110. xslt (2.0) to create a line graph
  111. XSLT binary to decimal
  112. [XSLT] Select node by attribute with value from an attribute of its self
  113. Re: Parsing XML with namespace in IE. (getElementsByTagNameNS())
  114. XSD: Require One Element with a specific Attribute value
  115. docbook website question
  116. Which is better for transfer data: Attributes or Elements?
  117. Re: Attributes in XSD
  118. Re: Attributes in XSD
  119. obtain element name, or attribute and value of the document name itself, and some elemnts and attributes from an ancestor or the node itself using xquery
  120. [ANN] VTD-XML extended edition released
  121. Re: XSD Question
  122. [Ann] Free Edition of Codalogic XML C++ Data Binder Released
  123. slightly convoluted sorry if repost didn't see last one
  124. slightly convoluted query question
  125. JAXB marshall object with null date field to blank xml element
  126. Xpress Author for MS Word XML Documents
  127. [ANN] DataServices World program in Silicon Valley (November 20,2008)
  128. A defined entity applying in multiple SVG texts in a document.
  129. Convert xml to xls?
  130. tempeh marinade tinnier tempeh william temmerman lieve temmermantelomolecular corp
  131. beginner guide
  132. [XSL] Obtaining an attribute from self or ancestor
  133. & inside an XML
  134. syntax for a name in SVG within an XHTML document.
  135. XPath: Problem with namespaces
  136. XQuery to parse a space-delimited string
  137. authoring math in xml
  138. How to add multiple lines to an existing xml file? Can we do thefollowing way?
  139. merging two sequences in xslt
  140. Website powered by php/XML-Native-Database
  141. XSLT Dynamic Columns (Save my eyebrows!)
  142. Nested Dynamic XSLT Columns (Save my Eyebrows!)
  143. how to put xml data into database using JAVA
  144. How to process ONIX XML file with dupicate field names?
  145. how to find elements that don't have ancestor
  146. Programmatic Alteration of Internal DTD Subset
  147. Library Digital Projects Officer vacancy
  148. SOAP RPC operation problems (longish with code)
  149. Group and Sequence combination in xslt 2.0
  150. How to set a limit when applying template
  151. Invisible
  152. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor 4.1.0
  153. ANNOUNCEMENT: VTD-XML 1.0 released
  154. XPath: Problem with inline elements
  155. XSL sorting of results from recursive calls to document()?
  156. Using a variable to tell xsl:for-each which nodes to select
  157. Understanding precision/recall graph
  158. Re: Forcing a parent tag to have at least one child via an XML schema
  159. Re: Forcing a parent tag to have at least one child via an XML schema
  160. how to define a key which generates unique sequence number?
  161. Miscellaneous issues with tex4ht, xml and xsl transformations
  162. FOP: upgrade from 0.20.5 to 0.95 - all texts moved upwards
  163. How do you best express references to keys/ID's in an XSD ?
  164. [Newbie] for-each in template, or?
  165. [Newbie] Output something using XSLT even if an element is missing in some documents?
  166. XPath query difficulty...
  167. XML Schema: unique constraint + target namespace
  168. XSL & CSS Cross Browser Compat Question.
  169. FOP SVG and <style ..
  170. XML Secure Data Service
  171. XML based application
  172. Re: Parsing an XML file with namespace
  173. Call for speakers for DataServices World in Silicon Valley closes September 26, 2008
  174. Re: Parsing an XML file with namespace
  175. Saxon from Saxonica overwrite in case asking withdoc-available before
  176. Window popup in XML?
  177. how do you get "g" into attributes for Google Base?
  178. [Announce] 9/30 Customer Webinar: DataFlux - Quality is #1
  179. including an html file
  180. Re: Designing a recursive XML schema
  181. <need help>How to print the preceding node value based on descendant node in XSLT?
  182. Merge 2 XML into one
  183. Error while parsing local languages using SAX/DOM parser.
  184. //b[1]//c gives different results if the first b is nested in anotherelement
  185. <Need Help>How to get the count of elements referencing another element in XSLT?
  186. <Need Help>How to read an element based on condition in XSLT?
  187. using xsd.exe with yahoo media rss
  188. xsl duplicates data
  189. How to create a simple tree
  190. XML Schema validation
  191. Distinguish between empty string and no children, in XPath 2?
  192. restrict tag names to a pattern?
  193. XSLT Processor in PHP5
  194. XSD: How to nest elements and text
  195. XInclude Problem
  196. XML W3C Schema, check excistence of attribute depending on otherattributes
  197. HTTP links in xml file being displayed in XSLT
  198. Representing duplicated data in XML
  199. XSLT transformation tool working with id() function and XSD?
  200. change namespace using XSLT
  201. [ann] RefleX 0.3.2 is out
  202. Expat and nested elements
  203. "//form[...]//input | //form[...]//select" or can I combine them?
  204. selecting tags by one of two attributes via xpath?
  205. instance from schema
  206. Java, validate XML with XSD, XML not containing "xmlns:xsi=..."
  207. XSLT - Sub-grouping in mixed nodes
  208. XSL, XSLT frustration
  209. Annoying Problem Trying To Validate An XML Feed. Losing My Mind!Please Help!
  210. JAXB parsing problem
  211. Seek in huge xml-files
  212. Questions about character entities in XML and PCI security compliance
  213. what's so wrong with my code?? Just trying to save a single node outof a SOAP Envelope
  214. Problem with DTD declaration
  215. SOAP Client working but need some more functionality
  216. Free Submit your Rss feed
  217. java: make (xslt) transformer throw exception on error
  218. using html in variables
  219. Re: XML and Java
  220. keys vs templates
  221. XML Schema generation
  222. filling treeview from xml file, but only certain tags
  223. link xsl to xml file
  224. Re: Problems with multiple multiple-level inclusion of DTDs
  225. Looking for XPath solution with namespaces.
  226. is this good practice ?
  227. Can xml attributes contain an underscore?
  228. Demonstration against XML
  229. xs:choice and child elements with minOccurs=0
  230. SAX Parser for creating (not parsing) XML document
  231. xml/xslt line break
  232. XML Binding technology
  233. Emacs/psgml/xxml crawling
  234. First character a space in tag?
  235. Re: Selecting multiple fields, out of order, in a single Java XPathexpression
  236. simplifying transform
  237. Final CFP : WfPM'08, Timisoara, Romania (Sept. 29 2008)
  238. mapping data using xCBL or similar schema
  239. getting all the input elements of a form tag
  240. Avoid collapsed tags
  241. schema validation gotcha
  242. reading dateTime with msxml
  243. XSLT Transformation
  244. TeX Users Group 2008 Conference in Cork
  245. Re: Joining XML files?
  246. Re: XML and Java
  247. Problems when trying to keep &#44; after XSL transformation
  248. Define type based on attribute
  249. Convert xsd file to C structure.
  250. XML sorting