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  1. xsltproc and Entities
  2. Help/Advice with XSL / XPath needed
  3. simple xpath question
  4. [ANN] Build Java UI using XML
  5. xsl:variable question
  6. XML as a stream protocol.
  7. Schema question regarding some mandatory/some optional values
  8. DTD design advice: evaluated markup in CDATA sections?
  9. Child Elements/Nesting
  10. Newbie : is it possible to write file after parse several files withxerces ?
  11. creating xml within java app
  12. XSLT problem
  13. NunniMCAX: new minimal xml parser Open Source
  14. Castor and collections: mapping file needed for unmarshalling?
  15. Converting XSD into DTD?
  16. How to center a <fo:table> element ? (XSLFO)
  17. libxml2/libxslt crash
  18. [ANN] Ibex XSL-FO Formatter 2.0 Released
  19. Use of following to get unique nodes???
  20. TUG2004: Registration is open now
  21. Searching random XML documents
  22. Help in asp report using xml
  23. Generate XML on fly in Java dataobject.
  24. XSL-FO - Formatting single line with different text-alignments
  25. What does invalid character mean?
  26. [ANN] Exchanger XML Editor 1.3 Released
  27. DTD Logic
  28. File not found with Xerces C++
  29. Newbie: Help with xml and xsl stylesheet
  30. Advice on ways to extend a type using XSD
  31. generate xml with subnode
  32. C++ XML Data Binding
  33. Condition coding in XML Schema?
  34. Help: getting data from an external xml file
  35. Streaming xml questions
  36. External DTD loading
  37. XML + XSL (Parser) + MathML
  38. New version of ExamXML
  39. Namespaces
  40. XSLT reduce or count number of matching output elements
  41. Where's msxml 2.5
  42. Problem with CDATAs
  43. Schema maxInclusive puzzle
  44. How to merge XML (with XSLT?)
  45. XDR approval
  46. XForms : Tree edition
  47. Modularization using modularized xhtml
  48. namespace problem with XSLT
  49. must specify "encoding" attribute in DTD. Why?
  50. CVXML - Curriculum Vitae schema
  51. [Q] A simple C++ parser ?
  52. xml html codes
  53. trying to get started with simple xml stuff - use xalan ?
  54. When fractionDigits and totalDigits won't do the job (?)
  55. XPath : comparing a value that starts with a prefix
  56. Schema parser
  57. external dtd or schema with xerces ?
  58. Newbie: XSLT substring or date format
  59. Problems porting a program from one computer to another. MSXML version?
  60. No way to use entities in a document using schema?
  61. XML XSL javascript, sorting child node of data island
  62. NT Bug , I dunno a moment of your time please.
  63. parsing string data through castor
  64. Wrapping XML in CDATA
  65. [newbie] XML for scientific data
  66. NEWBIE: XPATH question
  67. Generate valid XHTML
  68. NEWBIE: Very simple XPATH query
  69. How to restrict elements by reference to another element using XML schema
  70. Is it possible with xerces ?
  71. xml schema
  72. Using XSL to delete fixed text in arbitrary elements
  73. XML Europe 2004 Program Now Available..register today with early bird rates
  74. EAD/Etext/XML Courses at Rare Book School
  75. Req: Info on XML Document Management Systems
  76. Using XSL where source docuement has DOCTYPE/DTD declaration
  77. ANN: Optimal XML Conference. 31 March 2004. Cambridge, UK.
  78. XML Validation
  79. XML Validation Problem
  80. [VoiceXMl] Tutorial or Web site ?
  81. Compare & Merge XML documents
  82. When to use #FIXED?
  83. Help with Carriage Return in XSL &#xd;
  84. xml schema viewer?
  85. parameter as xml filename
  86. XML Schema Question
  87. Parsing issue with Apache
  88. serverxmlhttp through ISA server
  89. VML - Help
  90. how to manage an indented file with dom.
  91. XML Validation
  92. xpath with regex
  93. Content processors, XML accelerators (hardware)
  94. Anything faster than Saxon with similiar features?
  95. command line tool for comparing XML files
  96. Help with XPATH "position" of element
  97. What is the good XML editor?
  98. XSLT for webpages
  99. Cattell, Florescu, Gray, Melton to discuss marriage of XML, SQL, web services, grid computing
  100. Color-coding verbs only
  101. XML Newbie:Can this Be Done
  102. The Ebusiness Bible
  103. <key><keyref> does not work in XMLSpy
  104. Simple mark-up for CMS
  105. How can i put all tag contents into CDATA?
  106. How can i put all tag contents into CDATA?
  107. Creating links with xsl from xml
  108. Problem converting XML with XSLT to another XML
  109. ANNOUNCE: new XML reader and writer
  110. How do I filter records from XML doc?
  111. lists in attributes
  112. Validating XML document using Xerces-J
  113. get value to standard out when writing to file.
  114. Help: getting data from an external xml file
  115. Good SGML DTD viewer *or* tool for translating SGML DTDs to XML DTDs
  116. Q: XSLT transforming result of one template with another template- how?
  117. XSLT Problem
  118. XML schema validation question restricting"attributes" count
  119. W3C Issues RDF and OWL Recommendations
  120. Widespread support for XDR-based WSDL?
  121. Validating XML data
  122. XSL: choosing another node if one is not available
  123. xsl-fo starting page-number
  124. February meeting of the Washington Area XML Users Group
  125. XML Wiki schemas (like WikiPedia)?
  126. GML validation and XPath
  127. Where to ask newbie questions about RSS?
  128. String patterns in schema
  129. trying to apply CSS to DOM/OPML
  130. XSLT remplate matching
  131. Embedding SVG within XHTML
  132. Schema documentation tool?
  133. .Re: XPath: how to find out name of preceding siblings
  134. Q: XPath: how to find out name of preceding siblings
  135. XML schema - key/keyref and inheritance
  136. parser problem
  137. [JDOM] problems including a DTD
  138. unable to build cocoon 2.1.3 sources file
  139. Misaligning text columns in fop
  140. xml schema -> rdb schema?
  141. Dynamic content ala HTML
  142. XML only database
  143. cocoon cinclude problem in xsp
  144. xsl for each for every 5 element
  145. Converting Simple BNF grammar to DTD or schema
  146. XSD Validation of XML
  147. FA: The XML Handbook Third Edition
  148. Validating using external DTD
  149. Schema questions - cross document identity constraints.
  150. XML extension to Trac/java
  151. xmlspy: how to modify behavior
  152. WSDL- Mapping Application Defined Names to XML Names
  153. XML "templates" and Java (?)
  154. Undeclared Tag Error in SQL
  155. xsl:variable increment
  156. element farms (containers for repeated elements) needed?
  157. element farms (containers for repeated elements) needed?
  158. element farms (containers for repeated elements) needed?
  159. XSLT benchmarking and performance advice ?
  160. XML file for a database
  161. XML with SVG
  162. XML Newsgroup software
  163. question about attributes
  164. read xml files with java
  165. Undeclared Tag Error
  166. Schema validation using Xerces-C++ version 1.6.0?
  167. XLST: is there a formal definition?
  168. Looking for a soft...
  169. Serch The Resutl Knot For An Textretrieval
  170. Client/Server SOAP Library written in C
  171. get namaspaces for element
  172. Schema validation using Xerces-C++ version 1.6.0?
  173. XPath: //B[2] doesn't select anything
  174. XSL: textarea with xsl code???
  176. classes acting like instances
  177. NEWBIE: Enforcing uniqueness in XML schema
  178. Consuming a webservice from an XSD
  179. XML schema regular expressions question and recommended XML Schema book
  180. XSLT Select nodes without text-node children whose names starts with specifix text
  181. Help: targetNamespace value on my machine...
  182. java DOM: hide prefix from app
  183. C++ XML parsers?
  184. XSLT adding your own functions
  185. Extreme Markup Languages 2004 Call for Participation
  186. XSLT to produce subtree of a tree
  187. xsl transform...
  188. XPATH generation from Schema
  189. NEWBIE: XML restriction query
  190. Mobile Application Markup Language(MAML)
  191. xsf fo
  192. DTD entity reference resolve
  193. [SVG] Animations
  194. help!!! ado + xml
  195. xml and purpose of ccs xsl
  196. Calling a transform XML document from HTML
  197. new small xml parser Open Source
  198. How do you pronounce xsl-fo?
  199. XSD Schema import
  200. Including inline XHTML elements in a Relax NG schema
  201. how to select parent?
  202. MathMl in DocBook
  203. DTD Question surrounding duplicate child elements
  204. regex xpath expressions
  205. XML transform via XLS
  206. create expandable tree from XML
  207. refresh xml
  208. Converting XML between charsets
  209. Tree view
  210. Traversion order cf. output order in XSL
  211. Strict order of elements being a pain
  212. xerces
  213. problem Validating sequnece of Tag values using schema
  214. XML/XSLT Combining queries into XML ?
  215. XeMaiL feedback wanted
  216. String interpreted correct?
  217. Create XML file using to Pocket PC?
  218. XML Schema newbie question
  219. MSXML says a string doesn't fit the pattern defined in the schema
  220. XSLT: Converting a number into a character?
  221. XSL show/hide
  222. XPath performance w/ Namespaces
  223. XPath to nodes with containing single quotes
  224. dbXML for VB6
  225. Call For Papers: 18 CS & CE Conferences, Las Vegas, June 21-24, 2004
  226. circular references in schemas
  227. What's wrong with my XSL ?
  228. How to convert XML subscription file to OPML
  229. conditional restriction in schema?
  230. Tool for creating XSL from 2 XML files?
  231. Error when using entity in XSLT
  232. container elements for repeating elements ('element farms') needed?
  233. Status of XUpdate; representing multiple edits
  234. Can't seen to use insertBefore
  235. xsl:fo several items in one table cell
  236. XML, DBI::AnyData and mySQL
  237. unordered elements in DTD example...bogus?
  238. Transformation between XML instance data and HTML form
  239. urn's and wsdl file
  240. Just two quick questions
  241. WSDL definitions
  242. container elements for repeating elements ('element farms') needed?
  243. XSL:FO Question
  244. [xerces-c] How to access a particular node?
  245. XSL Transform Tree into Table
  246. XSL : unwanted carriage returns/white space
  247. type-specific elements vs type attribute
  248. Why isn't my DOM search code working?
  249. image and binary data
  250. DTD generation from XML Schema