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  1. UTF-8 encoding decoding not working with Danish characters
  2. Transforming Excel "XML"
  3. Including multiple xsl files from a folder
  4. How to get an xml subtree using DOM using xerces?
  5. Create HTML Form from Schema using xql or xslt?
  6. Unit conversion problem.
  7. unintentionally modified whitespace in attribute values
  8. unintentionally modified whitespace in attribute values
  9. unintentionally modified whitespace in attribute values
  10. Binding XSDs. Compiling an XSD into a C++ class or C structure with serialization methods
  11. DOMString deprecated?
  12. Help with RelaxNG and Trang (and Emacs)
  13. XML jargon: declaration vs. definition
  14. Microsoft Office XML and standards
  15. XSLT: Global Parameters
  16. bug msxml?
  17. distinct grouping of sorted results
  18. How to read dynamically generated XML with Javascript and ActiveX XMLHTTP object?
  19. Node Counting Problems
  20. Create XSL for RSS via PHP : issues with IE
  21. XPath Expression
  22. invoking outside programs from XSLT?
  23. XSLT: selecting a single sub-element to print
  24. Statistical distributions
  25. parseing c++ within a xml document
  26. Newbie XML transformation question using XSL
  27. XML editor within my application
  28. Frequently used DTD/XML schema expressions ?
  29. WSDL and UML
  30. modeling language for xml
  31. The Use of XML
  32. Reminder: Philadelphia area XML user group
  33. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor V2.9 - Support of RELAX NG
  34. calculate number
  35. mixing raw xml display w/ formated display
  36. problem with namespace and simple query
  37. Use javascript to get URL parameters and send to XSL (problem)
  38. how to validate XML against one given xsd file
  39. XML to PDF with Japanese characters.
  40. any tools generate sample XML from XSD?
  41. Question about Character Set
  42. How to output the all the ancestor and their attribute of an element
  43. SVG and XML
  44. No results from XML to HTML via XSLT?
  45. Strange XML nesting and schema validation
  46. What features will your dream XSL (I)DE have?
  47. Generate XML from XMLDocument
  48. New version of docbook2man causes errors
  49. Is't possible to reduce the text duplicate
  50. JAXP and WebLogic Server 8.1
  51. Word Perfect 11 as xml editor
  52. assigning an elements content to variable and then testing
  53. How to use XSLT to transform XML according to the data in another XML
  54. How to use XSLT to transform XML according to the data in another XML
  55. Creating a numeric ID Attribute
  56. XML Library Database
  57. Newbie XPath attribute value question
  58. call-template name="{$pCall}" possible ?
  59. libxslt: compiled xml representation?
  60. Ipod
  61. How to pass a parameter using HTML link?
  63. Stumped Transforming DSML Data With XSLT`
  64. XLST:fo syntax
  65. <xs:restriction base="xs:integer">
  66. xsl: grouping radiobuttons by name; name should be position of parent node
  67. Why am I not getting a value?
  68. XSL grouping (Muenchian)
  69. Generate variable name from node values in xslt
  70. XML attribute string lenght maximum
  71. Netscape 6 support for XML
  72. xml parser on Matlab
  73. XSLT - maintaining iteration count
  74. illegal characters
  75. XSL: Whitespace Problem With HTML Output
  76. can't get rss to validate, error on pubDate, yet pubDate is listed in the DTD as valid
  77. UTF-8 & Unicode
  78. Domain names and XML
  79. support for XML
  80. How to get last value in delimited string?
  81. xsl schema and Namespaces issue
  82. More flexible DTD solution needed
  83. "node.InsertAfter" method only inserts node on final call
  84. Reading MathML on WinCE?
  85. CSS question: id == class?
  86. XHTML has <br>?
  87. Problems. Transformation and namespaces.
  88. Internal vs. external entity
  89. HTML parsing with Xerces
  90. XSLT: not matching anything
  91. XML and XSL through MSXML
  92. finding nodes that don't match other nodes
  93. Multi level embedding of xml files
  94. RSS Which version??
  95. Why My XML can't be displayed?
  96. [ANN] XML Standards Library 2.1 : Updated 2005-01-27
  97. rcase-Recurse with xs:redefine nested groups
  98. what is xml feed
  99. January Stylus Scoop! XQuery Interview & Awards, CSV to XML Tutorial,and More
  101. Reading XML file via XSL
  102. EAD and E-text classes at Rare Book School 2005
  103. Any tools for validating xml against schemas?
  104. sgv in xml
  105. contact book in xml - does anyone know the worldwide standard forthis one?
  106. find with XPath over file system
  107. DOM output xml format.
  108. Blogger question?
  109. Updating DTD to agree with its use in doc's
  110. Howto: Extract Node/sub-tree of a Document and form a new XMLDocument
  111. Web services
  112. XML Schema - development tools?
  113. What's wrong with this?
  114. XML related definitions
  115. Bloglines RSS question
  116. XSLT: problem with Xpath
  117. Transform error in Java
  118. Sorting and grouping with XSL Stylesheets
  119. XSLT 2.0 Recommendations status?
  120. XSLT - simple match not matching as expected
  121. [XSD] Validation question
  122. XML data to HTML table - please help!
  123. Data binding to Python Java C[++,#]?
  124. xforms:send and receive XML data
  125. DTD API in java
  126. XSLT: Problem with WML the card title
  127. Schema attribute restriction
  128. [Q] Extracting the key members of an XmlRpcValue object (C++)
  129. Entity Declaration Clarification
  130. Want to know when an element is not in a node
  131. Problem accessing an element
  132. How to check if a parameter is defined in XSLT?
  133. different webpages-1database
  134. DTD/XSD in java
  135. testing a field
  136. rookie question - setting a path to a schema
  137. XML Spy memory leak and performance
  138. sort strings ending with numbers correctly
  139. XMLSpy - how to Generate Documentation for included files in schema
  140. xml validation ... help!
  141. XML to CSV Problem
  142. Valid PI tag names
  143. problems with XMLSpy
  144. [ANN] xmlBlueprint XML Editor 3.5 is now available.
  145. change output order
  146. XML text to HTML
  147. Must be a loop error
  148. Frameset Scrolling Question
  149. [Ann]New EDI-to-XML Support in Stylus Studio 6, Release 2
  150. Need to check for additional text in an element
  151. XMLDOM & ActiveXObject
  152. XMLSpy question
  153. finding the minimum value of a set of data
  154. Re: looking for XML parser
  155. retreive DTD structure in VB.net
  156. XSL:FO page break
  157. libxml2 not supported with Windows95...
  158. IE treats XML as plain text
  159. Philadelphia area XML user group
  160. New RSS 1.1 spec released
  161. ANNOUNCE: Altova DiffDog 2005 - the dedicated differencing utility for developers and power users
  162. Typo3 and XML: Can Typo3 export XML?
  163. XSLT: how to transform the actual XML structure
  164. XSD: Any valid XML in one node - different parser results
  165. Re: Hotel reservation system & xml
  166. Extract element name by XPath expression
  167. Hint: nullPointer in org.apache.xalan.xsltc.runtime.output.TransletOutp utHandlerFactory.getSerializationHandler
  168. XSLT problem: how to transfer from XML to XML?
  169. XSLT sort based on attributes
  170. Omitting duplicates (In RSS feeds)
  171. Cocoon
  172. XSLT: selecting the maximal from all counts(newbie)
  173. Meta-schema
  174. JDOM XSLT with parameters?
  175. How to use abstract element in schema?
  176. xpath question
  177. Need XSL list of XML links
  179. XSLT one tamplate opens tag second template closes - newbie
  180. Query XML file and display within HTML
  181. iTunes and XSLT
  182. new XMLSpy Newsgroup
  183. XSLT Tools on OS X
  184. Can XQuery handle hierarchical data?
  185. Tree Automata questions
  186. count(parent)
  187. Text Problem
  188. Non-XML tagged value text to XML
  189. xslt sort options
  190. Help interpreting XSL count keyword
  191. XSL count specific characters in string
  192. Unreplacing Entities
  193. Good XML Editor
  194. XSLT Tutorial
  195. Concept Question
  196. Create Netlist Hierarchy with XSLT
  197. Searched XML document to Excel or Access file type
  198. FORMS in XSLT
  199. web service
  200. web service
  201. [ANN] The Rockley Group Content Management Workshop Serie
  202. [ANN] The Rockley Group Content Management Workshop Serie
  203. January Meeting of the Washington Area XML Users Group
  204. [XPATH] Is this a valid query?
  205. xmlspy - unable to open files
  206. CDATA question
  207. Format for converting to XSL-FO and HTML
  208. Help: Allowing a CDATA section
  209. 'Attribute not allowed to appear in element' error
  210. Alternatives for Fop?
  211. Internal DTD fragment
  212. Web service throwing XML - XSLT transformation, how?
  213. Add links in a document
  214. value of an uninitialised variable
  215. XSLT: concatenating selected text nodes
  216. Help with XPATH
  217. Newbie q: Parsing vendor-data into uniform XML
  218. losing carriage returns in CDATA section - how do I prevent this?
  219. browser dependent xml?
  220. Encoding change
  221. special character in xml document (from excel)
  222. XML for multilingual technical documentation - seven questions
  223. Java and parsing xsd to build a user interface
  224. CDATA in an xsl transformation
  225. Using xmllint and xpath without --shell
  226. XMLCh and getNodeName
  227. XMLCh, DOMString and getNodeName
  228. JAXP entity problem
  229. Converting HTML elements into XML/RSS
  230. displaying images in in PDF's with fop
  231. regex-group() problem
  232. Transforming with XSLT, Grouping elements until difference found.
  233. Transforming with XSLT, Grouping elements until difference found.
  234. Grouping problem
  235. Xerces C++ and DOM trees
  236. XML to Java SAX emitter compiler
  237. [PLEASE READ] XPath query help
  238. Nested FOR - EACH PROBLEM
  239. Organizing and converting large number of XML files
  240. Differences of xercesImpl.jar, xercesImpl-J.jar, dom3-xercesImpl.jar ?
  241. extract element names with XSLT
  242. Spaces after procesed values
  243. XALAN and &amp; in links
  244. identically named attributes for one element
  245. XML Newbie question
  246. New to Expat - Help Required
  247. html tags within meta tags allowed?
  248. Categorization of XML Editors
  249. XSL <> converted into &lt; and &gt; in final HTML
  250. merging two XML files