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  1. XSLT Noob with a problem
  2. XSL for converting all rows and columns of XSL for Export to Excel. dynamic looping
  3. How to generate (invalid) Xml from Schema?
  4. Re: partial DTD?
  5. partial DTD?
  6. Regular Expressions in match attribute
  7. DTD won't parse, don't understand the error messages
  8. Need help with a table and CSS
  9. [ANN] Qizx 4.0 released
  10. Tree fragment between two tags?
  11. Re: ignoring namespaces?
  12. XML Summer School 2010, Oxford 5-10 Sept
  13. [ANN] Release of XMLmind XML Editor v4.6
  14. Ann: XML Schema Evolver
  15. xalan namespace problem
  16. Re: principles of markup languages
  17. Math markup example
  18. Validation using schematron?
  19. UML class diagram to XML database
  20. xml schema for legal and education industries
  21. are there XML-based formats for…
  22. XSL Grouping
  23. XSL character replace
  24. Perl Module XML::Reader
  25. how to detect that one XML is a subset of another one?
  26. xsl text manipulation
  27. XML to XML Filtering using XSL Problem
  28. [ANN]VTD-XML 2.8
  29. visualizing xsd
  30. [ANN] Release of XMLmind XSL-FO Converter v4.4
  31. Linking within XML document
  32. Create XML tree from another partial tree
  33. Help with Looping
  34. How to access <string> nodes
  35. namespaces and xpath queries
  36. Validate partial schema locations
  37. Re: Help for XML pattern
  38. Suggestion to XML format?
  39. Second draft WG Note of Associating Schemas with XML documents 1.0 (First Edition) available for review
  40. [ANN] RefleX 0.4.0 released
  41. add a node to XMLDocument
  42. validate XML with XSD in c++
  43. Need recommendations about XML schema architecture
  44. Simple question on XML Schema
  45. <atom:source> element ... is it supported by any free blogging service?
  46. XMLFilter after Transforming
  47. [ANN] XMLmind DITA Converter v1.2.0
  48. security vs. XML-based formats
  49. Convert xml to CSV using xsltproc
  50. Displaying XML with JavaScript
  51. [ANN] First release of XMLmind Document Repository
  52. OpenGL 2.1 API xml crap ? :(
  53. FREE Animations you can e-mail
  54. Draft of W3C Note available for review: Associating Schemas with XML documents 1.0
  55. Re: [ANN] Xerces-C++ 3.1.0 released
  56. [ANN] Qizx 3.1 released
  57. Hidden.text inside emphasis tag
  58. Expanded Entities Not In Document Encoding - Shouldn't This Be AParse Error?
  59. The following XML Schema restrictions donít make sense
  60. ANNOUNCE: Gelatin transforms plain text files to XML, JSON, or YAML
  61. converting org.w3c.dom.Element to String *without* losing whitespace
  62. ANN: XML ValidatorBuddy 2.6
  63. closing slash in empty element
  64. Creator information within the XML itself
  65. Regd XSD Files
  66. Global Warming and what you can do to against it
  67. convert xhtml to another xhtml using xslt
  68. xml market estimates
  69. how to delete record according to the checked checkbox.
  70. How to prevent duplicate child element definitions in the XSD
  71. ANN: CAX Caching Api for Xml
  72. Draft PER of Associating Style Sheets with XML documents 1.0 (Second Edition) available for review
  73. XML 1.x: URIs' and IRIs' impact on well-formedness
  74. XSLT 2.0 for C++
  75. XSD to allow A-Z 0-9 and spaces, but not leading/trailing spaces
  76. [ANN] Release of XMLmind XSL-FO Converter v4.3.2
  77. Distinct list based off values of two elements
  78. Re: strange behavior of xsl:if
  79. [ANN] Release of XMLmind XML Editor v4.5.1
  80. psgml NOFILL not operative
  81. psgml NOFILL not operative
  82. [ANN] IBM has announced XML Feature Pack for Websphere ApplicationServer version 7
  83. [ANN] XMLmind DITA Converter v1.1.0
  84. What is a "data object" in W3C terminology ?
  85. q) XML Schema and valid XML documents
  86. Following XSLT Logic not working
  87. xml validator exe
  88. XML Schema validation in tcl
  89. Identitity Template Problem - Best Practices - What order to makechanges
  90. Holzner's book
  91. [Newbie] XSD Validation for xml
  92. converting xml file to schema file problem
  93. [ANN] VTD-XML 2.7 released
  94. XSLT filter nodes containing attributes with known values
  95. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor 4.5
  96. [ANN] First release of XMLmind DITA Converter
  97. Retrive the entire path from the leaf node
  98. ANN: XProc Pipeline Controller
  99. nested xsl:for-each with document function
  100. XML Editor and GUI generator
  101. Cant detect the keyref problem
  102. How to sort values via XPath
  103. XmlReader question (C#)
  104. How to extract this piece of value in xpath
  105. Ho to extract this piece of value in XPATH
  106. Re: BBC news story: Judge bans Microsoft Word sales
  107. Re: BBC news story: Judge bans Microsoft Word sales
  108. DOCTYPE and attribute
  109. Required and optional elements
  110. XSLT: Reduce XML to fit Schema
  111. XML doubts please reply
  112. Re: XML Schema question: attribute xor content
  113. Expressing dynamics in XML ?
  114. convert text documents to XML
  115. design pattern for nested xml?
  116. ANN: XML Summer School in Oxford, 20-25 Sept
  117. XML version without UTF8
  118. Color of a marker in SVG.
  119. Append to a file using XML Serialization? Easy way to do this?
  120. want to learn style sheet for XML
  121. XSLT Question
  122. Using XStream to write out/read in XML memory issues
  123. Basic XML question
  124. Reusing XSD information for full and update record
  125. XSL select only nodes which contain a specific child node
  126. Passing a javascript variable to an external xsl/xml file
  127. Re: XML declaration in DTD System ID? ...
  128. client-side xslt with chunking?
  129. Re: XSL_FO Large columns amounts
  130. CreativeCommons RDF Permission vs. Prohbition?
  131. Help deciphering use of square brackets within translate function
  132. xpath question
  133. Schema: restrict occurences but not order
  134. AT&T Usenet Netnews Service Shutting Down
  135. quanConversion of Quicksilver to XML or Framemaker
  136. XSLT - removing a tag from within text
  137. Using //
  138. Good XPath API for Java?
  139. Native XML database for the cloud
  140. AT&T Usenet Netnews Service Shutting Down
  141. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor 4.4 - Run XXE as an applet
  142. xslt 2.0 regex iterate over captured substrings ==> regex-group(n)
  143. XML Repositories
  144. Xpath query to return "NULL" values?
  145. embed google news-feed in website
  146. XML payload
  147. appendChild & cloneNode
  148. Merging tables with XSLT
  149. Implementing a DTD-based XML validator
  150. Creating XML file for Microsoft Excel
  151. XML Structure
  152. XSLT adding children in an optional structure
  153. Child nodes need to inherent value from parent - all at same level
  154. ANN: XMLMax Public Beta Available For Download
  155. Extracing data from XHTML file into another
  156. [ANN] XNGR XML Browser 2.0 beta-1 Released
  157. selecting all the columns in a table based on the column headersvalue
  158. xpath to get the first sibling
  159. Spam from Highwinds Media
  160. [ANN] Qizx 3.0 released
  161. OMG XMI: questions on XML/MOF Mapping specifications
  162. Extend and element from another namespace
  163. Why can't find the comment in org.xml.sax.ext.DefaultHandler2
  164. Re: XML naming conventions and good practice
  165. XSLT FO to PDF
  166. Re: XML naming conventions and good practice
  167. What does xmlns:xsi and xmlns:xsd attributes mean?
  168. Re: XML naming conventions and good practice
  169. Xpath String-Value predicate
  170. Bes XPath query?
  171. XPath position predicates
  172. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor Customization Service
  173. Question: relationship between XML Infoset, DTD and XML Schema
  174. Consultant wanted to review TeX at The Open University (and theywant XML outputs)
  175. Actually I'm implementing something and know one solution, but want to implement the
  176. XPath expression to "select all"?
  177. string value of every element
  178. Send XML with PHP POST
  179. How to retrieve XML CDATA text contents by org.xml.sax.ext.DefaultHandler2?
  180. Create a DOM document from an XML string (Xerces-C++ 2.5)
  181. Changing application's behavior without recompiling
  182. Oracle 11g XMLType.transform has limited XSLT capabilities
  183. XML and C
  184. Newbie: How to avoid newline after template processing?
  185. XPath and nodes?
  186. Comments in XML
  187. unique id
  188. Localized XML file
  189. How to *not* specify the order of occurrence?
  190. Save 60% on Convert to XML Format
  191. Pros of CDATA ?
  192. Oracle XSLProcessor returns an XMLDocumentFragment and I need anXMLDocument (or XMLType) (or even String)
  193. Re: Simple xPath. Specyfication lapse?
  194. Re: Simple xPath. Specyfication lapse?
  195. Please help to write an xsl which converts src xml to dest xml
  196. validation of XML document which does not contain DOCTYPE declaration
  197. How to write an XML schema that specifies an optional namespace inthe XML docs?
  198. Good book on XPATH and XML?
  199. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor 4.3
  200. XPath searching
  201. Selecting unique combinations from two node sets
  202. Finding unique combinations from two nodesets
  203. Well-formedness and undeclared general entity references
  204. Re: REQ:What does this mean
  205. Applications that read XML files?
  206. XPath command to extract the following info?
  207. Parsing XML Schema with Xerces-J
  208. [ANN] Liquid XML Studio 2009 SP1 Released
  209. Are these three XSD the same?
  210. Who supports Schema validation of unique
  211. xslt 2.0 implementation
  212. Default MSXML XSL Stylesheet for IE7?
  213. XSD: Order irrelevant but choice required
  214. [ANN] Dashboards with XQuery
  215. Tricky XSLT question involving variables, serializing, processinginstructions
  216. Description tag?
  217. Options for looping through children with different element names
  218. E-learning website with XML/XSL
  219. New to xml schema - does the dtd/schema validation happens always ?
  220. ANN: XMLMax Virtual XML Editor Beta
  221. query the depth of the lowest node?
  222. Lexxia: an XML Processor for File Conversion and generation of LaTex
  223. What is base URI?
  224. comp.txt.html?
  225. Arbitrary content (including XML) as binary stream
  226. mpeg7 standard: ISO/IEC 15938-1:2002
  227. empty xml element spanning multiple lines
  228. extract inner xml...
  229. XPath to enforce document order
  230. Best XML/XSLT IDE for linux?
  231. Generate xml and to existing xml
  232. [ANN] XML Prague 2009 - last chance to register
  233. XSLT 2.0 question: wrapping in an arbitrary number of elements
  234. XML FAQ
  235. Preformatting RFC 822 using XSLT 1.0
  236. Overloading element names
  237. BAPE
  238. domxml_open_mem concatenating siblings
  239. Correct XSD Syntax?
  240. JAXP: Muenchian grouping using xsl:key broken in java 6
  241. Converting XML/HTML to LaTeX/PDF
  242. Sorting XSLT output items
  243. multiple include using wildcard?
  244. Which XML editor ?
  245. XSL node as string
  246. context.xml not parseable and valid
  247. In saxon XSLT, getting Content is not allowed in prolog, can't outputmarkup in a processing instruction.
  248. 'and' word in attribute name
  249. Convert XML to Latex/PDF and XHTML