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  1. Count matching packages
  2. sum codecoverage values for different groups
  3. Odd and even page displays in XSL-FO
  4. newbie question on limits of rss
  5. Loading XML from webpage for TinyXML
  6. newbie question about media formats like
  7. Help with SAX parsing
  8. possible to sort 'java package' name with xslt
  9. From DTD to GUI?
  10. [ANN] XML Cleaner 0.2 - remove superfluous namespaces etc.
  11. Simplified DOM idiom for building XML - revisited
  12. Curious problem applying XSTL in Java
  13. Is it possible to load user.dir into an AVT
  14. Help with xslt syntax error
  15. encoding URLs in xalan-2.6.1
  16. XML Schema question - does "import" import elements?
  17. How do I share code that selects a nodeset in XSLT?
  18. xsl empty element: how to do?
  19. Help working with distinct records in an xml doc
  20. Example of sibling and child
  21. another XSLT problem
  22. Late Breaking News Submissions due for XML 2005 -- discounts available
  23. tough XSLT problem
  24. Re: Newbie, HTML calling XSLT
  25. How to add RSS 2.0 feeds to my web site?
  26. How to add RSS 2.0 feeds to my web site?
  27. How to add RSS 2.0 to my web site?
  28. xml erstellung einfach gemacht?
  29. Does the xerces for c++ parser support XPath?
  30. Famous XML cliches
  31. translate XML into HTML / PDF - prg needed
  32. ul's again, almost there
  33. keyref constraint as part of type - impossible?
  34. Newbie. xml "dynamically" including another xml document
  35. Alternative to Authentic View
  36. Re: Newbie, HTML calling XSLT
  37. tool to extract data from a database mapping to a DTD
  38. javascript in XSP (COCOON2) drives me crazy!!!!
  39. Re: Newbie, HTML calling XSLT
  40. XML parse/build metaphor mismatch
  41. Schema validation of "links" within XML documents
  42. How do I use uriSuffix/systemSuffix with XML catalogs?
  43. Restrictions on types
  44. UL's in XSL
  45. Mixing ordered and unordered elements
  46. A DTD problem: "Content model is not determinist"
  47. Bug in XML::DOM::toString()?
  48. [ANN] free firstobject XML Editor 1.6 for Windows
  49. Xduce compiler?
  50. Can Element be same as Attribute name?
  51. MSXML 4.0 loadXML and namespaces - what's wrong with this picture
  52. Writing a parser
  53. Very Large XML Files (where to get?)
  54. XPATH document-function doesn't support absolute filepaths
  55. Memory Usage
  56. attributes.remove
  57. XSD: What is the root element
  58. edit xmls like
  59. XSD-Question: importing Schemas with same namespace
  60. xslt, for-each exclusion
  61. [xslt] problem
  62. XSL LookUp for Identical Value List
  63. XML transcode - CString to XMLCh
  64. XSLT to remove HTML from XML
  65. output encoding with perl XML::LibXML
  66. Multiple Input XML documents to produce one output XML
  67. XSLT Grouping please help
  68. HTML tags
  69. XMetal 4.5 Customization - Tables
  70. XSLT ?
  71. XHTML to XML conversion
  72. Determine whether DOM node is matched by XPath expression
  73. XML to XML conversion
  74. New online magazine wants RSS quote
  75. schema, specifying alternatives
  76. Finding "last node with value less than" with XPath
  77. binary XML ?
  78. easy xsd question?
  79. Extract node based on value
  80. passing xml stream to xalan
  81. Stylus Studio and Raining Data Partner to Simplify XML Data Services
  82. vb-xml-database
  83. vb-xml-database
  84. vb-xml-database
  85. Firefox and XSLT (local stylesheet works, server-based stylesheet fails)
  86. How to insert a new node at a specific position
  87. [XML Schema] Attributes
  88. Muenchian Grouping Method for Multiple Levels
  89. Storing HTML in XML
  90. How does Xerces C++ release DOMNodeList object?
  91. How do i select/compare multiple text nodes spread out in a document?
  92. Abolishing Namespaces
  93. The Reliable Source for Everything XML - Register now with discounts for XML 2005
  94. XMLSpy Grid View
  95. XML for summies... how to edit to decrease size of 100 pages?
  96. w3c Schema naming patterns and template-based schema generation
  97. Problems upgrading to Xalan-j 2.7
  98. "toXHTML()", where's the XML?
  99. xpath-functions namespace
  100. Can I pass a querystring to an XML SYSTEM uri?
  101. thank you[was xmlns]
  102. Xml file written in notepat - very bad idea
  103. error ?
  104. Update sorting javascript
  105. HTML to XML to data to hibernate
  106. xmlns
  107. SQL Select using Perl XPath
  108. XML (Schema) Question
  109. libxml2 and parsing
  110. [announce] DataDirect Technologies to Present on Upcoming XQuery Update facilities at Extreme Markup Languages 2005 Conference
  111. [NEWBIE] Xerces/SAX configuration problems
  112. Can't figure out why this GPX-file doesn't validate...
  113. xml:stylesheet use in document with multiple stylesheet options
  114. Is possiple to apply xsl style on string
  115. Smartest way to sort data with XSLT and display it
  116. Problem with EXSLT functions using 4xslt
  117. xsd definition
  118. Strange problem with count
  119. Counting self axes
  120. xslt for ordering attribute with in a node
  121. XSLT modifying an xml dom tree?
  122. Xml document from xslt parameter
  123. about xml parser
  124. How to validate a xml file by an external dtd file?
  125. c++ class for xml
  126. Need advice about opensource XML editor
  127. Please help!
  128. XML experts needed
  129. XML, XSLT and generating ID's
  130. XHTML and Mozilla problem
  131. Reading RSS feed - significance of pubDate?
  132. xml question from a newbie
  133. XML Schema Repeated Elements
  134. DTD question - specify value of element
  135. problem with xsl for multivalue strings
  136. Question about xslt:for-each
  137. Any Idea how to make dynamic style sheet for an XML file?
  138. [ANN] XML Cleaner - remove superfluous namespaces
  139. Newbie: What XML to use?
  140. data modeling and xsd
  141. [announce] 'Flat File to XML Data Conversion' Tops Stylus Studio Box Office
  142. Passable free editor w/ XML Schema & Schematron validation
  143. Suggestions for Python XML library which can search and insert
  144. comment on the validity of xpath
  145. [Ann] EDIFACT free online reference available
  146. EXSLT and regexp
  147. A suitable quote
  148. Unicode based XML
  149. XML text reformatting
  150. Display XML source in browser
  151. Creating an XML document with a schema -- sample xerces c++ code?
  152. xml parser 101 - $current_element
  153. parsing XML files with SAX
  154. Best way to model object inheritance?
  155. adding existing calls of docbook to new elements
  156. define static content in XML-Schema / Relax NG
  157. Partial XML Schema Validation?
  158. Store a binary column in XML
  159. Newbie: Best layout for XML file?
  160. Registration opens for XML 2005; Respected XML Forum Delivers Practical Information That Attendees Can Put to Immediate Use within Their Organizations
  161. Character entities and XML Schema
  162. [ANN] <oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Debugger v.6.1
  163. <xsl:document> and xalan
  164. Best way to use XML and HTML to maintain Data.
  165. Validating Newlines and Carriage Returns via Schema
  166. [DocBook] binary imagedata
  167. XML Data Model?
  168. XML Standards like OAGiS and HL-7
  169. Is it possible to define a list of inherited element in schema?
  170. Compiled Help (CHM) and SVG
  171. XSLT: Dynamic sorting with multiple keys
  172. Element Counting
  173. Converting OAI and Atom feeds into RSS
  174. XML/XSL/HTML Suppressing whitespace
  175. Eliminate duplicates
  176. Whitespace-preservating Search & Replace in multiple XML documents
  177. How to deal with scoped XML Schema keys in XSLT
  178. Online XML Organizational Chart Service is available
  179. xsl question
  180. Online XML Organizational Chart Service is available
  181. XML Schema - "dynamic"...?..
  182. XML namespace / element name question
  183. XSLT: best practice for several similar templates
  184. Slow performance with Specific XSLT
  185. XML suitability
  186. Commandline XML parser
  187. XSD - best way to do specify several similar elements
  188. Bold type
  189. Bold type
  190. [XSLT] [Urgent, please!] Doctype section
  191. Help with XML/XPATH
  192. encoding problem
  193. Deepening an XML hierarchy
  194. XHTML DTD
  195. XSLT xpath problem
  196. Sorting results by 2 different priorities
  197. [podcast] Expert panel discussion of XQuery, native XML databases, SQL/XML databases
  198. storing raw packet data characters in xml
  199. July Meeting of the Washington XML Users Group
  200. HTML to XML transform
  201. HTML to XML transform
  202. XSLT - How can I find out the name of an Element
  203. Create XML schema with xerces-c
  204. Create XML schema with xerces-c
  205. Namespaces and Custome DTD's
  206. Tri-XML 2005 -- Annual Conference, July 28-29, 2005 -- McKimmon Center
  207. question regarding "graphML"
  208. How to know the length of text in SVG (in advance) ??
  209. Announcing sTToXML XML Data Conversion Service
  210. How widely used is Docbook?
  211. (patch for Bash) GTK+2 + Bash
  212. Docbook titlepage with 2 images
  213. Core XML attributes
  214. Resources For A Beginner
  215. analysing an XML document and validating with a schema ...
  216. XML Forum
  217. Parsing node names
  218. XSLT generates values, but not tags
  219. Text search using parameter
  220. XML/XSD/XSL Display Problem
  221. PHP generating XML
  222. creating a link in XSLT
  223. using libxml
  224. a CSS problem (annotating a novel, horizontal flush alignment)
  225. Number hierarchically across heterogeneous elements
  226. can't get the xpath working
  227. using XPathAPI with xalan extension functions
  228. pre-newbie
  229. remove XHTML from XML source file
  230. Using param value in xpath
  231. WSDL configuration
  232. saving WordML as XML data only/boilerplate text
  233. Problem with xml:variable in xsl:for-each
  234. Cannot set background color (XML+CSS)
  235. [ANN] XML Processing in Prolog
  236. XSLT questions: CSS and encoding
  237. Tagging HTML with RDF
  238. Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project Milestone M5
  239. Transform varying input types to XML in JAVA
  240. PHP to dynamically generate XML
  241. XSD: How to allow an element withjany name but require it to have certain attributes
  242. XML Schema/DTD for English Words ?
  243. How can I compare two values?
  244. Saxon and XQuery : how not to repeat the XML source file name in the query ?
  245. XML editor using only indentation for nesting?
  246. Open Source Software Directory
  247. OT: Looking for data (.csv?) that associates zip codes with time zones
  248. XSL / XPATH: how to test if text contains apostrophe
  249. getting name and value of tag in an XML.
  250. SVG: attributes relativ to other elements / special anchors ??