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  1. New Software Development Articles Directory
  2. XML_PullParser, eXcavator
  3. using xsl/fo - alternatives to Apache FO
  4. XSL Java Extension Function
  5. Update Query using XQuery
  6. Some XQuery/SQL Server 2005 help please
  7. question on preserving embedded XHTML through XSLT of an XML document
  8. High Performance Xml parser
  9. Histogram in XSLT 1.0
  10. XML Database - design and access
  11. Re: xml beginner - hierarchies
  12. XSLT help with href
  13. [ANN] vtd-xml 1.8
  14. sort and numbering - xslt
  15. looping output
  16. xslt to HTML Transform question
  17. Question about possibilities of XSLT / generate unique ID and reuse it
  18. Multiple XML documents in one XSL file as variables
  19. Schema: element may have "any" content?
  20. Javascript transformation
  21. What is a <group> in Relax NG?
  22. XMLlab-1.53 release (http://xmllab.org)
  23. Extensible enumerations in XML Schema
  24. xerces
  25. xslt
  26. Validate subsets of XML document using different schema?
  27. xmlDOMDoc & include.asp
  28. Xquery Help Sql 2005
  29. Writing XPath Help
  30. high-performance alternative to xsl:number
  31. parsing failed
  32. How does Google Reader access history for an RSS feed?
  33. Who is the owner of the ebXML Registry Repository?
  34. Who is the owner of the ebXML Registry Repository?
  35. XML Schema Question
  36. XML Question
  37. [Testing XML] XUnit, your new companion...
  38. [RefleX] Once Upon A Tag...
  39. Parsing XSD Schema from namespace schemaLocation using Xerces CDT
  40. How do I insert conditional elements in target document?
  41. [ANN] oXygen XML Editor 8.0
  42. Type cast indicated in xsd schema? (newbie question)
  43. formatting xml with namespaces
  44. parsing XML through java
  45. XSL. Please, need help. Thank You.
  46. firefox xslt math
  47. Real HTML lists in Word2html
  48. Namespace prefix in XSD
  49. xml parsing using dom
  50. Urgnet Requirement for Artix- Singapore
  51. XML Reader/Writer
  52. XML Schema "logic"?
  53. XML Editor Recommendation
  54. fast (and academic) starting points: XML-Query-languages
  55. xsl:sort select matches more than one
  56. Is there a modified Expat to handle XML that is not well formed?
  57. xslt transform with php 4.3.9
  58. New release of W3C XML Schema Test Suite
  59. xml custom interface program?
  60. simple command line XML node manipulation tool?
  61. [off topic] XML WSDL Question
  62. Altering a leaf node
  63. Can AJAX dealing with XSLT instead DOM?
  64. Well-Formed XML 1.0/1.1 differences
  65. XML XLS Problem
  66. xml wrongly views as text extracted from the xml tags
  67. EJPPC0005E: portlet.xml validation caught a SAXException on Websphere 6.1
  68. removing a namespace prefix and removing all attributes not in that same prefix
  69. Newbie problem in DTD
  70. XML reader
  71. Searching My XML File Using Keyword Searches?
  72. xpath expression
  73. Docbook toolchain - PDF creation failed
  74. Adding javascript tag in XML feed
  75. RSS and namespaces
  76. My first RSS feed - some readers don't see when it is updated
  77. html forms xml and xml
  78. November 2006 Meeting of the Washington, DC XML Users Group
  79. help with xpath request
  80. Different way to using idref with more than one XML file ??
  81. Don't display table part if element not present ????
  82. Get a handle on RSS URL in XSL
  83. Problem in XMLSpy 2007
  84. Xerces c++ getNodeType() Problem..
  85. Restrictions in XML Schema
  86. [ANN] Consodoc 1.0.0, XML to beautiful documents
  87. ${...} values in attributes of an imported XML in XSL ...
  88. xsl:Include e xsl:call-template
  89. xsl:Include e xsl:call-template
  90. [X3D]Can anybody help me, pls?
  91. Data binding & mapping with XMLBeans
  92. unique attribute value
  93. Attribute declaration, invalid schema
  94. How to Display xml from a Database Column
  95. Tidy transforms "&amp;" in the source-xml into a "&"
  96. XML Data by Name instead of childNode Array?
  97. What is the point of Google of allowing using importing RSS feeds?
  98. Help with writing select data
  99. xsl totals composed from variables
  100. Problem with a XML schema
  101. Extended Xlinks
  102. Sorting with Muenchian Method
  103. Re: completely lost with XSL ...
  104. Re: completely lost with XSL ...
  105. Vendor PechaKucha Night announced for XML 2006; hotel reservation deadline November 10
  106. Vendor PechaKucha Night announced for XML 2006; hotel reservation deadline November 10
  107. SAX or DOM, graph proccesing
  108. Variables in XSLT
  109. select nodes with child node A and child node B
  110. Question about design
  111. XHTML replaced by XML ?
  112. Restricting xml schema datatypes by relation?.
  113. How to pull the namespaces to the serailized XML Fragment using Xalan-C++ API
  114. [Announce] Altova Users: Upgrade to Stylus Studio 2007 for Reduced Price
  115. xsl:with-param problem under Weblogic 8.1
  116. Dispaly specific sections of xml document
  117. post into xslt to change the outcome
  118. Calculate attributes with XSLT
  119. Shorthand for namespaces
  120. Error with parameter. Why?
  121. Can be multiple instances of element used as the root element?
  122. Assistance please with getting pages to talk to each other
  123. Insert one value in my XSLT code
  124. XML - with Thomasnet.com
  125. namespace relative path trouble..
  126. Insert one value in my XSLT code
  127. Insert one value in my XSLT code
  128. XSLT extracting certain descendants to higher level outside of ancestor
  129. XSLT transform of XHTML page content in Internet Explorer
  130. Colspan problem
  131. SAX Processing Time
  132. saving xml in javascript
  133. Test if a node has ANY attributes
  134. Quick question on the presence of CDATA
  135. RDF: the emporer's new clothes
  136. Re: How to remove xmlns attribute from XML document (.net)
  137. Xerces-C++ Schema validation
  138. xsd definition to auto-generate a key field?
  139. using large XML for interfaces
  140. apache cocoon who uses this thing? active production sites?
  141. standalone="yes"
  142. "No Properties" error... can't navigate dom elements. Please help...
  143. Confused about catalog
  144. String manipulating using substring-before problem
  145. Tidy; how to make it XML-conform? <BR> needs to be closed
  146. XSV error
  147. dom4j InsertElement
  148. ebXML CPA question
  149. Xerces, Xalan and MemoryManager
  150. xslt question: using variable in xpath not allowed?
  151. xslt: how to use value from xml data as an attribute value in output html?
  152. Open new browser window with xsl file
  153. xmlBlueprint XML Editor 4.2 supports MathML and SVG
  154. XML Grammar
  155. transforming a book for online use -- looking for linking advice
  156. How to represent sales invoice and posting period in RDF/OWL?
  157. What tool to use for processing large documents
  158. xslt of nested elements
  159. Unique attributes and preceding-sibling question
  160. xs:gMonth build in data-type
  161. XSLT Child node of a specific node
  162. XSL link to remote XML
  163. XML
  164. Docbook question
  165. Cleaning out my disk
  166. questions and recommend books about refactoring of xml-schematas and the transformation of xml-documents
  167. Generating new element names from old element names
  168. Possible with XSLT? *seems* easy
  169. XSL Extracting Ampersand from XSD
  170. Conditionally validate XML
  171. xerces-2j and qualified optional default attributes
  172. software for math editing (MathML)
  173. newbie question on how to format xml data in logical/common way
  174. newbie question on how to format xml data in logical/common way
  175. newbie question on how to format xml data in logical/common way
  176. xml4c extending classes
  177. global element --> local element
  178. import a local element into another schema
  179. import a local element into another schema
  180. param in for-each select statement doesnt seem to work
  181. XSLT question
  182. [Announce] Stylus Studio 2007 Reviewed in CRN Magazine
  183. looking for a horoscope xml file
  184. UTF-8 encoding problem
  185. [ANN] XML Hammer 1.0 beta-2 released
  186. What does <xsl:if test="not($values[. = $value])"> mean?
  187. [ANN] XSDBench XML Schema Benchmark 1.0.0 released
  188. xsl-fo last page (variables?)
  189. SVG rendering
  190. XSLT Using Firefox
  191. [XSL] how could I know node attributes???
  192. hCard parsing
  193. XML and XSL
  194. New Software Development Articles Directory
  195. How DOMError operates?
  196. [ANN] VTD-XML 1.7 released
  197. JAXSLTH
  198. xmllint & dom.Writer
  199. Parsing XML with Xerces-C++
  200. Parsing XML with Xerces-C++
  201. Firefox and XSLT
  202. How DOMLocator operate?
  203. Docbook vs. Open Doc, some more info
  204. XML and CSS
  205. Parsing XML into PHP to insert into a MySQL DB
  206. appending data to xml file
  207. XSL and XML
  208. Help with xsl:sort
  209. XPath - How do i select attribute xsd:string?
  210. Selecting a set of nodes
  211. Hertz Reservation System Web Service (XML API)
  212. Docbook on Windows - do you have a functional toolchain/workflow?
  213. xml4c child nodes
  214. October 2006 Meeting of the Washington, DC Area XML Users Group
  215. Namespace question
  216. Validation of XML file against external XSD Schema using Xerces CDT
  217. Cannot insert node at the specified location
  218. calling javascript function in xsl
  219. a set of elements occur in any order with multiple occurrences
  220. XSLT Extract Text from Nodes
  221. Fo:Block can you check to see if a block contains any text by using the block id?
  222. XML validation without internet connection
  223. Help with identifying unique text elements
  224. [ANN] XMLmind XML Editor 3.5.0 - support Schematron
  225. Newbie question about a hyperlink
  226. xml syntax
  227. placing $ in regular expression
  228. Convert XML file
  229. XML FAQ search
  230. finding the memory footprint of DOMDocument
  231. Announcing a Preview of XString, an XML technology - XML as a String
  232. XSLT & String manipulation query
  233. xml to pdf
  234. Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA) - Principles & Practice (October 2006)
  235. New XML-User: DTD-Aware freeware XML-Editor/typical command-line-toolchain wanted
  236. How to use Namespace Routing Language (NRL) with JING?
  237. How to use RSS Feeds?
  238. XSLT from a XSD spec.
  239. XPath Query
  240. xsd:dateTime is uncompliant?
  241. Specify an element in a nodeset directly
  242. SDN List & XML
  243. <Fo:Block> Overflow onto new page (Formatting Objects)
  244. Help me with XPATH expression
  245. XML Schema
  246. WBXML to XML conversion on WM5.0 PPC
  247. XPath String Value Comparisons
  248. XML in Relational Database
  249. Can you embed XML in XSL and access it?
  250. SVG Differences - inline and stand alone?