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  1. Pass values to a web page and extract result
  2. Re: Missing utf8_heavy.pl
  3. Mod_Perl - new to linux and perl but semi old to programming
  4. Re: A_Modest_1_bit_Proposal_about_Quotification_-_making_the_Default_Easy
  5. Re: A_Modest_1_bit_Proposal_about_Quotification_-_making_the_Default_Easy
  6. Re: Quick perl script-regex question
  7. Re: Newbie: Find and replace events in log file
  8. ANNOUNCE: NHI1-0.8, PLMK-1.6 und libmsgque-4.6
  9. newbie: perl definitions
  10. Sending values back to calling program
  11. help with a function
  12. what is the imprtance of Perl ?
  13. Re: Return text left of first tab
  14. Offline windows registry access on *nix platforms.
  15. Re: MS Access connection with Perl
  16. Re: growing hash of arrays
  17. Return HashTable
  18. Re: control structure query ...
  19. Checking if socket is open with an array
  20. Re: Finding directory my perl program was loaded from
  21. machine dependent left shift results
  22. Hash of array printing issue.
  23. open()ing strings as filehandles
  24. Re: Recommended newsgroup(s) or mailing list
  25. how to save output of a command into a hash of arrays
  26. Re: Capture only first match in regular expression
  27. Re: Capture only first match in regular expression
  28. Re: Capture only first match in regular expression
  29. Anon Array
  30. Re: Can't figure this code out
  31. RSA Web Agent
  32. Parse::Recdescent match word exactly with regular expressions
  33. force recursive source filtering
  34. radio button
  35. $break
  36. pages in the tools
  37. perl beginner
  38. I can't send a letter to comp.lang.perl.misc
  39. using conditional breakpoints for sub
  40. Re: Need help with REGEX
  41. Is VRF lite will be configured in one area?
  42. Editor with embedded-Perl-interpreter?
  43. How do I find a unicode character in a regexp
  44. Re: Need help with REGEX
  45. OT test
  46. how to change the effective user identficator
  47. Re: can slurp do this?
  48. sendmail unicode problem
  49. Network Device Discovery
  50. CPAN force install command syntax?
  51. module
  52. Re: How to find memory leak in perl server
  53. Receiving snmp traps in perl on Win platform?
  54. Re: Need help with a simple Perl script
  55. HTML to XLS converter in PERL
  56. Socket programming
  57. perl API calls
  58. can't parse numbers as numerical values from a file
  59. Re: cannot get this regex to work!
  60. Re: Recursive function won't compile
  61. Using Set::Object - evidently I need compiled code?
  62. Re: [sendmail,perl] How to catch a mailer error [perl script as sendmail.cf mailer]
  63. Beautifying TeX source file using perl
  64. Problem compiling perl module Device::SerialPort
  65. Devices::Modem?
  66. reading from stdin via pipe, buffering?
  67. Newbie: Non-interactive status displays - HOWTO?
  68. List of directories with a directory
  69. Parsing function args in Getopt::Long style
  70. Query Active Directory
  71. X12::Parser - intent to adopt
  72. Perl and C++
  73. perl or shell for ip manipulation
  74. Problem with 'pp'
  75. Problems with utf8, locale and regex
  76. Screencasts for a beginner
  77. how to output test::more to a file?
  78. Perl-ish mail formatting question regarding "\t"
  79. perl newbie question...................
  80. Re: automatic parallelization
  81. Trouble with activestate perl for windows
  82. proble with substitution
  83. problem with odbc driver
  84. Remove only special characters and junk characters from a file
  85. Unix to Windows
  86. perl
  87. substitute a string within an array?
  88. String::CRC crc function returns incorrect result, why?
  89. Help...Do anyone know how to exit modelsim(vsim) by using perlscript??
  90. Need Hash Help
  91. How to use the Perl script to substitute the string ?
  92. Perl Newbie Needs Help ASAP!
  93. using activestate perl
  94. How to declare global constants?
  95. Perl/MySQL/Arrays
  96. herding messages from a server to a directory
  97. newbie here: questrions about perl please
  98. adding a variable name to a hash to name is part of the variable name
  99. perlcritic man page
  100. Perl error - uninitialized value has me stumped
  101. Simple word find
  102. eq and =? problem?
  103. Is this an efficiency hack of some sort?
  104. can't get backreferences to work
  105. Re: Bind 9 administration module(s)
  106. array handling in perl
  107. Hashes in subroutines?
  108. activate a browser window in Perl
  109. Apparently inconsistent arithmetic calculation
  110. day of week
  111. Another procmail configuration
  112. What is the syntax error
  113. autologin
  114. Secure VPN Gateway - a Perl Solution
  115. help: downloading online files with perl
  116. print an image or a html file
  117. Question from perl newbie
  118. Parsing MS Access files
  119. parsing HTML results
  120. Matching filenames with typos
  121. Maximum length for a match
  122. Re: Can perl find strings over multiple lines?
  123. removing procmail garbage
  124. Perl XML Question
  125. Help with Perl & HTTP
  126. Perl documentation online
  127. If gethostbyname fails it never recovers
  128. form events
  129. Best practice to pass parameters to functions
  130. perl and xml parsing
  131. Converting string to array?
  132. File Handle Issue
  133. question about perl complaint
  134. Is it necessary to learn Perl?
  135. Bad Free() error
  136. Re: Thoughts on implementing this idea
  137. Probably a bug with $#
  138. Help sought Perl with a bit of REGEX
  139. CGI checkbox labelling confuses javascript
  140. nl_langinfo - problem
  141. RegEx Problem
  142. hash of arrays question
  143. Noob Question about html
  144. can't login websieve
  145. fixing random segfaults
  146. Howto share filehandles between threads?
  147. Dealing with accented characters
  148. Re: Script to automate extraction of file from compressed archives
  149. DBI i firebird - dziwne wartosci integer
  150. Inverted syntax for an if conditional
  151. Library path question
  152. How can I read output of a remote Http server
  153. extracting a range of lines.
  154. Module for producing HTML calendars by day/week/month
  155. perlcc error - 'Can't unlink error file...'
  156. mailing from a web-executed perl script.
  157. Include Header and Footer to Print From Perl?
  158. Today's Content Quality Rating For comp.lang.perl
  159. Concatenating Audio Files in with Perl on a Mac
  160. URL
  161. adding modules when not root
  162. Looking for a Perl Programmer
  163. vec - a misunderstanding
  164. Help Needed with Perl cgi script and spam problem
  165. if condition error
  166. Response codes other than 200 OK
  167. How to access a slow Webserver from Perl, as if a person does this.
  168. Passing a list as an arg to a subroutine
  169. infinite loop unexpectly dies
  170. translate some siple code please?
  171. adding strings, not concatenating them
  172. Free scripts to search job sites?
  173. Great Job Board
  174. A great onestop spot
  175. Question on regex substitution using variables...
  176. Can someone tell me what this is doing
  177. Module Question
  178. Finding and replacing Invalid Tokens in an XML document
  179. function or operator to ignore metacharacters like +
  180. editing a file using perl script
  181. Sub for getting JPEG width and height
  182. I want to build a perl script that adapts dynamically to terminalsize
  183. find2perl
  184. Dumping list of installed modules.
  185. How to match string inside of array?
  186. BigInt leading plus sign
  187. $100 bounty for a trading program
  188. Newbie: Perl cgi and apache
  189. date --date : the perl way
  190. why "bad file descriptor"?
  191. Pipe data through a socket
  192. Installation of Data::Dumper
  193. summarize bytes
  194. counting word occurances
  195. Variables being set to GENERAL
  196. Win32::Api module problem.
  197. Re: clone a directory w/ copying its contents
  198. pls help identify a certain perl module
  199. FormMail Problem
  200. Re: The world is really unstable these days......
  201. Re: How to replace file header with the content of another file
  202. Perl Shopping Cart Scripts
  203. Problem Installing Win32::OLE under cygwin
  204. How to configure -MCPAN to use FTP proxy server?
  205. Re: Remove a line if next line is blank
  206. Remote file access from Windows?
  207. preserve sort order in another list
  208. Re: output from multiple files
  209. error on quantum:superposition module
  210. Discrimination of Forth versus perl
  211. Web mail script
  212. Using getpwnam() with CGI
  213. How to lock down WWWBOARD?
  214. Problem with multiple instances of a module
  215. Copy and change file extension
  216. Perl compiler recommendations?
  217. Yet Another Perl Conference, North America, 2005
  218. Regular expression to split on .
  220. Easy RegEx Question
  221. retrieving number from a string
  222. utf8 in regexp (perl 5.8.1)
  223. How do we compile for perl
  224. Perl executable showing html in browser
  225. Exists IIS log for CGI errors?
  226. UNIX Script To Remove Hosts from Hosts file
  227. Adding <br> automatically with "return" key ?
  228. IO::Seekable::getpos missing (auto/IO/IO.so not loading) ?
  229. Options for passing Hash to a subroutine.
  230. Socket Listener not available
  231. I need your help
  232. Perl - Internet Cafe Software for Linux - open source
  233. My option when a module is not available for my production OS.
  234. perl library for C beautifier?
  235. About Encryption Question
  236. find words not in an array
  237. Installation problem
  238. DBI Error: no suitable installation target
  239. Creating a variable using a for() loop???
  240. passing perl variable to output html file
  241. [BEGINNER]Storable::dclone question
  242. Why not work POSIX::RT:Semaphore
  243. Array to strings?
  244. How to match up to a word
  245. Accessing email from Notes-mail-server without Lotus Notes installed
  246. 1
  247. problems with decoding: resulting image is corrupt
  248. Perl telnet looping problem
  249. ANN: 2005 International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest (IORCC)
  250. oracle connect ; manual eror handling