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  1. Parse Text File and Output to File
  2. while( total_ignorance ) help
  3. Aligning 2d array of numbers
  4. expression eats newline
  5. Re: Perl & PostgreSQL
  6. XML Validation
  7. Re: CGI Perl "use CGI" statement fail
  8. Regular expression for identifiying a valid street name + house number
  9. Moving files based on file name
  10. Reading from command line
  11. Can Perl be used for this?
  12. How to read STDOUT from a Perl function
  13. $ARGV problem
  14. TermReadKey module from CPAN question
  15. Re: Networking with Perl
  16. Re: NEWBIE: perl on server problem..
  17. Re: Perl in Mac OSX
  18. setting cookie then redirect problem
  19. Listing processes using Perl (Win32)
  20. plain-text file parsing
  21. Zlib perl question.
  22. nmake--installing modules
  23. DBI queries with same results (mysql)
  24. chmod or setuid? Need to give script permission to write files
  25. Chomp not working properly with Sendmail
  26. Return a return value from Perl to Javascript
  27. weird matching problems
  28. slice of multidimensional array
  29. perl web performance under load (win2K)?
  30. Saving GIFs in CGI
  31. Processing a received email?
  32. Gnuplot module
  33. @INC is not what I expect
  34. dmake test failure building 5.8.0 on Windows 2000
  35. #include equivalent?
  36. How do I fetch a file from web?
  37. ouput issues
  38. All .packlist files contain relative filenames?
  39. Confused. Need Help!
  40. A newbie question on pattern matching
  41. Regular Expression problem
  42. Perl variable "leading white spaces" Please help
  43. user interaction disabling?
  44. a perl newbie
  45. Can this be done with perl?
  46. Read/Write IO on socket file descriptor?
  47. Re: Very Annoying Perl Quick - Please Help!
  48. Re: Newbie: using txt2html with ActivePerl (win32)
  49. Re: Including javascripts in HTML - it appears as the script never loads
  50. _Text Processing in Python_
  51. Help needed formatted submit results - Changing data
  52. Perl exe...
  53. Help needed with form submits and Perl handling
  54. Don know Perl, don't know what's broke - re - type1inst!!
  55. printing image to an html page
  56. Appending to XML
  57. Search within a variable
  58. new to perl
  59. XML Data validation in Perl
  60. bulk loading with DBI
  61. Newbie: Converting Visual Basic for Applications to Perl
  62. Rigorous File operation error checking
  63. How to make Perl Script "POST" call from another Perl Script???
  64. Newbie question - trying to get a handle on until text / line skipping
  65. How to get length of string? length() problems
  66. Perl / GTK db frontend
  67. Parse an xml file with line breaks in the beginning
  68. How to use HTML::Parser to remove HTML tags and print result
  69. multi-part forms in CGI.pm
  70. how to get https pages with ActiveState build 806
  71. constant string in regular expression
  72. convert word documents using Perl
  73. Re: how to select rows with $dbh->do($sql)
  74. Re: Using $?
  75. HELP: need a good socket tutorial
  76. Credit card processing
  77. install_driver(Oracle) failed
  78. [TABLE NOT SHOWN] problem with HTML::Parse
  79. connect to db2 database using dbi?
  80. Help with using glob() with stat()
  81. iis dbi
  82. Learn Perl
  83. help writing to a file
  84. PDL::Slatec Problem of eigenvalue of Matrix
  85. Re: not so simple regex problem
  86. HTML Templates stored in Postgres using Perl
  87. Crypt RSA install (Problem with Crypt::Primes)
  88. Regular Expression help...
  89. Re: Net::NNTP Undefined value
  90. XML to LDIF/LDAP
  91. CIsam extension
  92. Problem installing CGI::Application after t/04getquery
  93. sharing complex data structures between threads in mod_perl2
  94. Problem with displaying MySQL DB data in on-the-fly HTML form
  95. Pointer Artithmetic on DB_File values: i need it (or a very efficient solution for this problem)
  96. sed regexp mystery
  97. NET::NNTP Undefined value error
  98. Compiling with H2XS.
  99. problem of opening SSL socket on the 254th loop
  100. Re: Licencing Perl apps with Flexlm
  101. Re: unexpected results
  102. Re: :re: IP regex?
  103. Anything faster than stat() ?
  104. MIME::Decoder::UU
  105. Net::POP3
  106. Open URL from email message
  107. A little regex help?
  108. Child signal behaviour on HPUX
  109. Regular expressions
  110. Regular expression question...
  111. xml & stdin
  112. select from drop list to fill table column with text -- HOW ?
  113. Win32::OLE, Excel, and coloring
  114. Re: LWP::Simple header information problems