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  1. OT: IBM Emancipates 8,000 Wage Slaves (funny)
  2. Regexp to truncate
  3. previous & next buttons
  4. While statement in perl
  5. Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) at register.pl line 38, <STDIN> line 10.
  6. Short term contract work (1M) for indian internet programmers
  7. remove all html tags by perl
  8. Crypt::TripleDES doesn't work with perl 5.8 (Linux)
  9. Newbie needs help on implementing directory walk
  10. CGI autoflush in Window
  11. Reading ARGV _AND_ trying to have redirectable STDOUT ????
  12. How does a perl script get the last-modified date of a file?
  13. How do the perl script get date and time of another computer
  14. Ascii to hex?
  15. parse inside of html tags
  16. glob and regex
  17. perlvariable and Cprogram
  18. Parsing challenge...
  19. Parsing challenge...
  20. setuid program
  21. Multiple bcc recipients
  22. Hashes of Hashes via subs
  23. PERL site examples
  24. reading a growing log file
  25. Proper serial routines ?
  26. Test for directory
  27. Need to go back two lines one a match is found
  28. Any good books on Perl?
  29. Executing a multiple line statement
  30. Perl on Windows 2000
  31. Read quicker than a line per time from a file handle
  32. perl and url
  33. Want to split a file into columns
  34. Passing Variables from One Perlscript to Another
  35. Problem with perlcc
  36. Cache::Cache Stale Segments
  37. Paths question
  38. Standalone Perl Executable ? ? ?
  39. Regex help
  40. Access Right for Perlscript to Read Windows EventLog Remotely
  41. Browser Cookie Set/Get Issue
  42. inplace edit error message
  43. Question on Chomp
  44. Tie a file handle to a variable
  45. Tie a file handle to a variable
  46. Perl Help - Windows Perl script accessing a Unix perl Script
  47. LWP::Authen::Ntlm Error when often used
  48. match leading '*' in r.e... how?
  49. Phone number regular expression...
  50. code indexer
  51. Need to move up a directory...silly question
  52. strange replacement of . and , with octal counterpart
  53. Can I use a module under another name
  54. Switching Unix user in unattended Perl script
  55. How to make DBD::Proxy Multi-threaded
  56. Packing data for a win32 'C' style system call to Winamp. help please!
  57. USB port in perl
  58. Q: What's wrong with this?
  59. Q: string substitution in a file
  60. Q: Executable directories?
  61. request for help with CGI form
  62. rewrite N lines in Perl
  63. Code rot?
  64. Hash method for ftp
  65. Problem inserting to an Access database
  66. MCPAN problems?
  67. Perl LWP and Siteminder Basic Authentication
  68. Variables as min,max in regular expression
  69. Dynamic Perl statements
  70. problem with $dbh->execute in a For loop
  71. last_insert_id() in perl/DBI
  72. Net::POP3->new() fails in PerlApp compiled script
  73. Bidirectional Win32 client
  74. Any good books on Perl?
  75. Help with a perl script?
  76. Q: Is file readable by all users?
  77. split bug? sure not, but...?
  78. Active State Komodo for Perl - anyone using?
  79. Perl performance?
  80. mailing
  81. 64 bit add and accumulate with MMX
  82. email disclaimer
  83. lost array element in 5.8
  84. PERL DB
  85. concatenate files recursively in win32
  86. Email Decoder Perl Module
  87. Perl newb in need of help with script.
  88. HELP with a script like Anylist
  89. open, ipc, and return codes
  90. undefing a hash
  91. How to pretty-print XML with a regular expression?
  92. Re: Any good books on Perl?
  93. Need help on generating GD graph with two-axes
  94. Help with m//gc
  95. Perl Math Question
  96. Perl tutorial for Python programmer
  97. web programming and logging
  98. regular expression
  99. Need help on split-function
  100. Forking Server
  101. insight needed: any way to have Java run a perl script..
  102. Output buffering problems during recursion
  103. unique file names
  104. premature end of headers, code and output looks fine
  105. Tie to change line in file
  106. Is this a perl bug?
  107. Any good books on Perl?
  108. Re: Any good books on Perl?
  109. SOAP:Lite Limitations re: https??
  110. Sorting a simple database
  111. join('')
  112. sed awk or perl for this?
  113. posix vs perl regular expressions
  114. Re: @a[0] vs $a[0]
  115. Re: How to execute C program and display output to webpage?
  116. Win32 ADO Seek method
  117. Maps and addresses
  118. Measuring performance of Net::FTP
  119. win32 adodb/mdb; con.execute returns undef and not recordset.
  120. Perl PGP question
  121. Re: @a[0] vs $a[0]
  122. problem with associating checkbox in perl-cgi
  123. hyphen vs minus in regex
  124. CPAN problem
  125. convert .pl to executable, win32?
  126. Thank you...
  127. read(STDIN, $GN_QUERY, 100); doesn't behave on Windows IIS
  128. automate file upload using perl
  129. character input
  130. Problem using ActiveState PPM to install module
  131. Carriage Returns and sockets
  132. Help using Compress::Zlib::memGunzip()
  133. Net::SSH::Perl Help
  134. Net::SSH::Perl
  135. Embedded Perl or Python (XPost)
  136. Session tracking
  137. Embedded perl and licences
  138. Circle Hell
  139. Perl telnet proxy
  140. Re: help with mainframe file
  141. Q: What's wrong with this?
  142. opendir()
  143. what's wrong with REBOL?
  144. Testing
  145. Need a good book help me do interpreter
  146. the price
  147. perl and/und apache
  148. Regular Expression
  149. Image::Magick and Tk::Photo
  150. start background process on host server
  151. Certifications for Perl, Web Developer, E-Commerce, etc.?
  152. Q: Analyse data and provide a report - Arrays?
  153. Newbie question
  154. Test failure of ../lib/ExUtils/t/Constant.t in perl 5.8.0 under IRIX 6.5.20m (IP35 processor)
  155. Mass updating of dns zone files
  156. Gtk-Perl -> Text Widgets
  157. MS exchange 2000 OWA testing logon
  158. calculation in string
  159. matching curly braces and regular expressions
  160. perl regular expressions return last matched occurence?
  161. syntax question
  162. replacing
  163. Help with a cgi script
  164. Sort of OT - perl files
  165. Socket Hang
  166. dbi db2 select
  167. CPANing PerlMagick and it fails
  168. Re: CGI Script help
  169. Debugger question
  170. Re: what am I missing?
  171. Re: what am I missing?
  172. Quick perl question 2
  173. Quick question -- script issue
  174. Directory Listing
  175. 8bit to 7bit numbers
  176. Re: multiple blocks of HTML ??
  177. Aspect oriented Everything?
  178. getting closer on the timer
  179. Pattern matching help! grep emails from file!
  180. Re: Massive Search and Replace with a twist
  181. trying to implement a timer
  182. DBD::Sybase install errors
  183. Re: handling a from with multiple input
  184. Forking server
  185. get the return status
  186. Reinventing a square wheel
  187. how can i automate this?
  188. Catching Apache error with a Perl script
  189. ##Not interested in Bangin' code?##
  190. blat
  191. Web automation
  192. creating Handles
  193. Recursive copy
  194. mod_perl errors: prototype mismatch ... during global destruction
  195. How can I call a sub and keep the main program running while it works?
  196. Re: Error: can't modify scalar reference
  197. UNIX Domain Sockets
  198. Re: Error: can't modify scalar reference
  199. Regular expression question
  200. _Newbie_ Question
  201. reading HTML files from a given URL
  202. Server Design
  203. FS: Perl Book Library
  204. Submitting through a perl script
  205. hashed array in array need the keys... and length
  206. Regular Expression Query
  207. Perl problem, possible bug?
  208. passing argument not working...
  209. bash: /root/remstats.pl: /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: Permission denied
  210. Any good books on Perl?
  211. Urgent!!! Regular expression??
  212. Help untaining the command. Insecure dependency in `` ... setuid
  213. Net::Server
  214. Perl scripts interconnectivity... Is it possible...
  215. Dummy perl programming question
  216. Need help w/ BNB Survey Script <--
  217. Linking PDF forms with SQL
  218. Data::Dumper How to quote keys while dumping
  219. passing arg to sub problem
  220. Copy using UNC paths
  221. Re: Problems running cgi script
  222. Pipng with perl under Windows
  223. Cmenu, Text Interfaces, and UTF8
  224. extract strings between alternating text
  225. Can you properly integrate PHP and Perl?
  226. Free OO & UML tutorials
  227. Perl Threads
  228. Online-HTML-Editor kills images
  229. Net-RawIP for windows?
  230. dbm file locking with different versions of perl
  231. Perl Newbie: compare two files contents with same pattern
  232. Any good books on Perl?
  233. Need Explanation
  234. Re: RegEx help? Please?
  235. Software Development - Slightly off topic
  236. is there a GD module compiled for REDHAT 9
  237. extract from html
  238. Re: CGI/PERL HELP PLEASE -- categorize search results alphabetically
  239. cygwin or activestate ?
  240. What did I screw up?
  241. Re: Cplex hangs in Perl system command
  242. Brand New to Perl
  243. Re: newbie question about removing un needed extra lines
  244. Issue with s///
  245. mod rewrite
  246. Re: newbie question about removing un needed extra lines
  247. Read / write to files
  248. Error using Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA - Fails loading public key - Help needed
  249. Reg exp: matching relative path only.
  250. Re: Perl and DLL