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  1. webcrawle with LWP: how to make redirection work?
  2. Tk.pm
  3. Mystery Repost
  4. Perl & Windows 2000
  5. system call exits the loop
  6. Bycycle for sale
  7. .htaccess and perl cgi
  8. Re: Problem with Storable.pm (.xs), Perl 5.8.0, Redhat 9
  9. cant install libxml::perl
  10. catm install libxml::perl
  11. promiscuous mode
  12. GD::Graph::Lines ... Controling some behavior...
  13. Re: Regular expression to find <tr> tags in 2nd level HTML tables
  14. detecting if program is running under X windows or not
  15. Kill win32 process
  16. HTTP::Response error : "Can' t locate loadable object"
  17. Commande vmstsat sur sun
  18. regular expression
  19. RegExp Question
  20. DBI ODBC
  21. What am I doing wrong when using "use strict" ?
  22. ActivePerl - PPM 3.1 upgrade of perl-ldap does not work
  23. Question on perl/cgi paths
  24. RegEx to find CFML tags nested in HTML tags
  25. sort and Sub Refs
  26. Math::Pari test fail on Compaq OSF1 5.1b
  27. Ackerman function in Perl how to do it?
  28. comm -3 Like Function?
  29. extracting event logs to a file
  30. array operations
  31. help with perl code
  32. How To Copy The File To The Windows NT? Filesys::SmbClientParser
  33. How is this wrong? Please Help.
  34. parse unix-style difference reporting
  35. Speed Freak
  36. What kind of problems is Perl best at solving?
  37. passed params as filename
  38. CDATA in XMLout
  39. Storing an Array in a Hash
  40. Call sub with substiuted args
  41. submitting a menu in perl
  42. Complie PERL Solaris 9 64-bit problems
  43. How do I make .cgi extention work?
  44. alternative way not using param('userid')
  45. Tie a large list of DB_Files
  46. Reading scancodes under Linux
  47. invalid top dirctory - windows
  48. getting bitty
  49. How do I not store matched patterns in the $1.. strings?
  50. object-oriented perl
  51. looking for serverstatus script
  52. monitor windows processes
  53. Running a New Process
  54. thanks
  55. how to extract LaTeX macro arguments?
  56. fork
  57. forcing install in CPAN
  58. Match and Count
  59. LWP with proxy problem
  60. h2xs
  61. how to detect broken pipe ?
  62. Time out SSL request?
  63. spaces in text ---> html
  64. Problem with arrays or possibly HTML::Element
  65. SWIG, sample program compile errors
  66. counting matched lines in extremely large files.
  67. How to source variables and values from a file, like in UNIX sh scripts?
  68. autoincrement strangeness - please help!
  69. de-references
  70. parse string
  71. learning perl and cgi
  72. Redhat 9.0 ftp Incompatabilities?
  73. How can you sort non-unique 'numeric keys' in a Perl hash
  74. Writing to a text file
  75. Bizar variable problem
  76. Calling cgi from cgi thru 'system' function. Different behaviour on browser v/s cmd line
  77. escape a whole regex
  78. XML - SOAP
  79. Newbie form-mail.pl question
  80. Freelance programmers wanted. RLE5t
  81. No program too tough. At Colance we have the best professionals. qZ
  82. Freelance programmers wanted. NxQ
  83. No program too tough. At Colance we have the best professionals. oMbX
  84. defined() confusion
  85. Comparing values in 2 textfiles and returning the missing values
  86. Colance, connecting ideas with professionals. X
  87. Perl Net::SMTP How do i have the subject of an email show
  88. Failed install of DBD::mysql
  89. Popup New Browser Window
  90. Read one character of input?
  91. SOAP::Lite
  92. looping/incrementing problem...
  93. Wrapper on magic line?
  94. What's the dif between: @_[0] and $_[0] ?
  95. Problem with "require" and multiple modules.
  96. Form Mail Question
  97. adobe multiline substitution
  98. IPC::Run and hanging pipes
  99. Forking HTTP Daemon - Problem
  100. help on split
  101. open(data,' variable problem
  102. uninitialized value in pattern match
  103. How to write CGI-Perl to drive A:\
  104. accessing different versions of perl
  105. ultimate n00b question re: my / our
  106. perl 5.8.2 threads on Linux/NPTL
  107. Any online books for perl and bioinformatics?
  108. References and subroutines
  109. perl expect question: user interaction mid script
  110. Is there any way that I can change the image on the fly in cgi?
  111. A question about EOF
  112. "perl -MCPAN -e shell" acts unexpectedly on MacOS X 10.3.1
  113. Extracting records
  114. Perl script to HTTP post to a web server.
  115. Need programmers? At Colance they compete for your business. g0P
  116. Freelance work for Java coders. gu0
  117. ATTN Programmers: WE pay YOU $1.00 if you let us find you a job. f5
  118. ATTN Programmers: WE pay YOU $1.00 if you let us find you a job. jdg
  119. Programmers: Find projects with no monthly costs. tUO
  120. Perl/CGI, PHP, ASP, XML, Java, Javascript, C/C++, Flash, Python, and Cold Fusion Etw
  121. program to transfer files via a serial port
  122. log parsing: gaps between transactions
  123. perl 6 syntax ?? whats changed ??
  124. Windows XP and perl
  125. Ratio problem.
  126. change dir owner
  127. Linux, open /dev/modem and communicate ?
  128. Checking to see if a call to the DB worked
  129. Willing to pay for help!
  130. EXPECT module, howto to perform a "new page" ?
  131. Little project question
  132. regex help
  133. CGI error (need help)
  134. Compiling Perl to exe with Active State Perl
  135. Dereferencing ?
  136. Delete starting and ending lines of a file
  137. Replace negative numbers with 0 in a file
  138. Fetching blob field get memory allocation error
  139. Simple Regular Expression.
  140. regexp to list all sentences and sub sentences, with overlapping?
  141. Regex Question
  142. Regexp issue . . .
  143. Problem using LD_LIBRARY_PATH in perl script
  144. Importing 80+ hashed and 1 array into several perl scripts
  145. $v = shift OR$_[0] on a filehandle, whats teh difereence
  146. Problem loading DBD::Informix
  147. linux perl accesses ms-access db
  148. Regular Expression Question
  149. Premature end of script headers
  150. HTML::parser
  151. Complexed serach and replace task, advice?
  152. Parse text file
  153. Newbie question - multiple Perl installations
  154. POP3 mail download script
  155. Help! list all file extensions
  156. Autmating cgi/perl scripts for html pages
  157. problem compiling perl source on AIX using GCC
  158. Help on cgi/perl programs to port, view and edit reports
  159. Kill and Signals
  160. Hexadecimal date format
  161. Trying to get Image::Magick to work on a remote server
  162. Regexp to match an URL in an HTML <a href=""></a> tag
  163. Dynamic regexp
  164. Perl B:Bytecode anyone ?
  165. CGI - unreloadable page
  166. DBI problem inserting html into mssql db
  167. sorting a file with records - amended
  168. sorting a file with records
  169. Reading directories with dates
  170. Using File::Copy with ClearCase Views
  171. Get original destination IP and port with Linux 2.4 iptables redirect?
  172. Multiple input lines
  173. How to simulate keyboard.../dev/tty0?
  174. detect keyboard input without reading it?
  175. DBI error
  176. Inserting Line Number.
  177. How to send string to a window??
  178. telnetting without a telnet module
  179. remove javascript tag by perl
  180. opendir and if -d $files problem
  181. Printing from HTML/Perl
  182. alarm workaround
  183. kill(0,$pid) return 1 after application is killed manually
  184. Insert file date created into a variable
  185. Experts on embedding Perl in C wanted: Weird problem on RH7.3/Perl 5.6.1
  186. Client and server
  187. Making a remote process visible
  188. Convert coordinates XY into LAT-LONG
  189. Strange behaviour with perl and apache
  190. if/else statement for perl script?
  191. Problem with Getopt
  192. apache and perl
  193. Subs and lists
  194. recursion with perl
  195. please help with https upload !
  196. splitting problem
  197. converting text data
  198. problem in perl script for opendchub
  199. Game Port Snooping
  200. regex for stripping HTML
  201. Can't do setuid and file permission denied
  202. Stumped with a CPAN/CPANPLUS failure
  203. Calcultation
  204. debugging multi-file scripts
  205. LWP::UserAgent to POST and redirect browser at the same time
  206. CGI "fix it" service?
  207. Binary files, substrings and (un)packing.
  208. Returning reference to an array
  209. Sendmail problem
  210. New Module: DBIx::Config - please comment
  211. substituion
  212. Pattern match over mutiple files is slow - Help Needed !
  213. html templating advice.
  214. global search and replace tool
  215. Perl string manipulation
  216. Modules for XS.
  217. Get the current line and next 5 lines
  218. CGI upload creates empty file on server?
  219. SMALLTALK or PERL ?
  220. Re: Odd Perl bitwise-AND & MySQL problem?
  221. Have perl increment a number that shows up before a delimiter
  222. Re: Odd Perl bitwise-AND & MySQL problem?
  223. DBI and xml:parser
  224. using perl on the command line, like sed or awk
  225. Odd Perl bitwise-AND & MySQL problem?
  226. Re: Net::SNMP - returning huge hex for opaque value
  227. perl program no longer working in Win2k....suspect some form of system corruption...
  228. Extacting the data from Oracle and writing in an Excel sheet
  229. Perl6.NET?
  230. Pass Parameter to XSLT Using PERL
  231. Perl and EXE-Files
  232. unique elements (case insentitive) of an array in perl
  233. Re: 2&>1 on Solaris Question
  234. Weird system call behavior
  235. Encryption Problem
  236. regexp problem
  237. error installing Apache::Session
  238. Reading text file
  239. SDBM_File Error: Argument "O_RDWR" isn't numeric in null operation
  240. embedding perl in new language: dynaload problem
  241. Reading data out from different files
  242. string arrays
  243. question on inverting text -> txet
  244. input redirection
  245. Optimisation of regexps in Perl?
  246. Caller Id and win32::serial
  247. win32 exe builder from perl script
  248. Process each input record as an array of elements
  249. Help: Install DBI-Oracle on cygwin with Perl 5.8.0
  250. Ascii to hex? Thank you!