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  1. Catch pid for a process that created
  2. Viewing the output of a form post and preserving authentication
  3. Does Perl have anything that equates to the C++ this pointer?
  4. Problem with file upload in forum
  5. UTF8 to Unicode conversion
  6. send username/password via perl script instead of using browser
  7. Problem with autoflush on Semaphore-threads for Windows
  8. Algorithm for Packing Registers?
  9. net::smtp
  10. Algorithm for Packing Registers?
  11. string length
  12. Tcl equivalent for Perl's Win32::OLE, LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request, Net::Telnet
  13. Hash of Structs in a Package, is there an easier way?
  14. Undefined subroutine CGI::Vars
  15. declaring constants
  16. writing to a pipe on win32
  17. Cannot access POSTed form data
  18. Viewing the output of a form post and preserving authentication
  19. Free to wrong pool 15dd170 not 15d2750 during global destruction.
  20. searching http
  21. Transferring variables between seperate hosts
  22. DBI and DBI::Oracle packages configuration
  23. Perl equivalent of PHP include
  24. Perl XS Module Build Error
  25. Help with a Perl 5.8.4 Make Error Message
  26. Help with a Perl 5.8.4 Make Error Message
  27. Unable to read particular worksheet from excel file using perl
  28. Perl 5.8.4 Installation Issues
  29. VB(ish) replacement
  30. Socket, cannot get clean results.
  31. File Handle Reading Blues: Rereading a File Handle for Input
  32. Perl & XS -- Modifying a char*
  33. open file through web page and supply an incremented name....
  34. Inline: :Java
  35. Is localtime() broken?
  36. Substitution Problem
  37. setuid() and getenv()?
  38. Apache 2 mod perl BerkeleyDB Question
  39. Conditional statement to generate HTML?
  40. match pattern of multiple lines
  41. Q: What to name a module?
  42. Perl Question
  43. Pattern Search and Extraction of Floating Point number to csv file
  44. return hash
  45. Assign program result or die
  46. Program design in perl?
  47. padding left-justified string fields
  48. Binary File Operations
  49. Problem with Range Operator sequence number
  50. Problem with Range Operator sequence number
  51. system() produces error.
  52. String Concatenation problems
  53. Unable to run perlscript
  54. help with XML::DOM
  55. Bounce Email
  56. FileHandles to string
  57. FileHandles to string
  58. FileHandles to string
  59. Help with Socket install
  60. Web Framework with stateful sessions / persistent object space?
  61. Re: How to capture an error with eval?
  62. extra constructor calls, inefficent loop variable scope?
  63. how to use open with many input streams and capture output?
  64. How to capture an error with eval?
  65. Win32::Perm Usage for special permissions
  66. days since 1 Jan 1970
  67. Setting Environment Variables
  68. getspent() in perl
  69. corefont
  70. regular expression on a range of number...
  71. $var = <LINE> ??
  72. DBD sybase error! please help..
  73. perl module & vars
  74. Compiling perl 5.6 in WIN32 does not work
  75. access mode int->string
  76. How to set LineNumbering in Word Document with PERL.
  77. Problem installing BerkeleyDB Module
  78. sending docs attached with Perl
  79. perl vs Unix grep
  80. help for function
  81. Help for a new Perl User - Looking for suggestion
  82. OLE Automation: question about Word SaveAs
  83. How to use split on spaces AND tabs?
  84. Errror finding
  85. suidperl and libperl.so
  86. Embeded perl & memory management
  87. something of a noob question
  88. Active Perl
  89. variable in HERE document
  90. Issues with Win32 Perl Modules?
  91. HTTPS SSLeay problems - any experts out there?
  92. Re: Unicode errors cause coredumps
  93. diff Process under diff users
  94. Block in Perl/TK MainWindow destroy
  95. unable to get GMP and Perl working...
  96. whatsup gold perl script to monitor unix processes
  97. OpenVMS comp-3 packing
  98. How to get the Operating System info like ( Wireless info, Wireless connection)
  99. Not sure GNU GMP is working properly...any ideas
  100. Need > 15 digits precision without big performance hit
  101. complex data structure
  102. execution of perl program
  103. Help! W32ODBC problem with network database access
  104. perl server
  105. problem with spaces in registry keypath
  106. Crypt::RSA, manual module installation
  107. How to read associative array from file?
  108. Problem with memory when using "threads" with Perl 5.8 on Windows System
  109. Perl script to extract data from webpage? (knucklehead newbie).
  110. Help with PERL guestbook (newbie)
  111. Send mail through a secure (SSL) SMTP server.
  112. good mod_perl/mysql object oreinted application
  113. cgi invoked .bat script can't access network drives!
  114. Automate Data Entry in Web pages
  115. problem with control structures ( if and next)
  116. Loop not ending, insight as to why?
  117. C for statement version in Perl
  118. PPM and Proxy
  119. I would like to post a flash document through the <img> tag
  120. Sqlplus -S interrupt !!!!
  121. Sqlplus - S stops ...sigh !
  122. Compress::Zlib for UNCOMPRESSED output
  123. Job in Perl C++
  124. link command is not working.
  125. Obtaining Server Uptimes using Perl
  126. Tool for perl script to awk
  127. redirect as POST with 'virtual' hidden fileds.
  128. REGEX: capturing on optional groups which fail
  129. Array of objects.
  130. How to get command line parameters?
  131. CGI and root commands
  132. Noob help request on TCP Server with fork
  133. Perl socket on linux won't accept connections from windows clients
  134. Subroutine definition
  135. Expanding scalar hash element in array ref.
  136. Remotely executing commands over Serial Port
  138. search engine
  139. Use of uninitialized value in concatenation
  140. Help! How to find hostname from ipaddress in Windows
  141. Cutted stream
  142. Unicode errors cause coredumps
  143. find and replace in every file under a root folder
  144. regular express replace?
  145. LWP https and client certificate
  146. Window Disappearing after executing Perl Script
  147. HTML::ParseTree delete/modify child text
  148. How do I identify word<html><html>other word?
  149. searching lines case-insensitive
  150. Perl and Access
  151. Q: What's a good module for making node diagrams?
  152. Low memory utilization sort?
  153. ColdFusion vs. Perl
  154. Perl equivalent of mysql "like"
  155. regex
  156. How to write multiuser application?
  157. Why perl cannot detect zero value?
  158. using a string as array indices
  159. Using underscores as well as word boundaries to demarcate a pattern
  160. Embedding Perl into C: Why?
  161. How to access MS Access from Perl?
  162. French characters and Perl
  163. SNMP Agent development
  164. Invoke function periodically via a timer
  165. control other applications using perl
  166. Compare 2 arrays consisting of hashes
  167. how to make the page expired when click back button
  168. decode_entities possible bug?
  169. perl.modules
  170. open with encoding(utf8) takes forever
  171. pdf2txt
  172. Newbie question on available IE data and staus flags in Perl
  173. How to format $mail_from with 2 variables separated by a comma?
  174. Math problem - converting between arbitrary bases in perl - help!
  175. nested hash
  176. Usage of --help and --version in getopts()
  177. Stat() function fails?
  178. server/client program design advice wanted
  179. POK Flag Weirdness wth binary files
  180. localtime problems with month
  181. Time::localtime problems
  182. virtualhost different perl modules
  183. "uninitialized value in join or string"
  184. what is an error?
  185. curses and color
  186. newbie - Output to multiple Filehandles
  187. how many bytes per $scalar, $ref2something and the like?
  188. Cannot launch simple applications (notepad, java) using Apache and PERL(CGI)
  189. want process to kill itself then restart
  190. html form to MS Access?
  191. Perl and VHDL/Verilog
  192. What is the equivalent of the "ps" command in perl?
  193. newbie-Multi users reading from a text file
  194. Perl Debugger displays ^H instead of backspace-ing
  195. regular expressions - math on backreferences
  196. perl module for rendering molecular interaction network graph??
  197. Re: How to interpret $FORM{} variable ?
  198. Converting for localtime() or gmtime() to time()
  199. iterating over arrays with map - problem
  200. html to image
  201. How to use backreferences in a variable for a regular expression
  202. Win32process & win32service problem
  203. Regexp to enclose text with P-tag
  204. Saving files in Perl
  205. Documentation on command line arguments to perl
  206. Perl Patten Matching and Data Extraction
  207. Making remote procedure calls
  208. Using IPC::open2 under mod_perl
  209. Help: How could i know i have installed a certain perl modules
  210. Perl/Tk: Show Image from a String
  211. Opening files with interpolation
  212. represent a perl script in binary
  213. Sort an array and more
  214. forking and using MySQL
  215. RFC: New module Business::GestPayCrypt
  216. Code, Help please.
  217. Newbie question: removing array reference information
  218. Operator precedence
  219. Can't fork exec from webpage, problem is not permissions
  220. redirecting stderr and stdout
  221. how to post a request
  222. Win32, FTP, line ends
  223. converting a proprietary config file to XML
  224. Simple CGI port forwarding question
  225. Overloaded "echo" command in perl within system (backtick, exec) call
  226. debugging the web application
  227. Urgente.
  228. Free MySQL databases
  229. Alternative to Regular Expressions?
  230. Question about detecting key strokes
  231. Please help to extract the decimal portion
  232. $$x does not work.
  233. FormMail.pl error
  234. function system()
  235. Newbie needs basic help - JW69
  236. IO::Socket::INET on Cygwin doesnt work?
  237. NET::Telnet prompt regular expression
  238. What does this reg expression mean?
  239. Anybody knows NTsendmail and Perl???
  240. Newbie Trying to learn perl
  241. Can't decide between Relations::Family and Class::DBI
  242. write while( length $name );
  243. IBM 32-bit Floating Point Conversion
  244. Newbie cgi problem - repost
  245. PDL function call failing
  246. Need help with getting unique values in a file.
  247. Printing on a printer with tractor feed under win32 - question
  248. More Net::AIM help needed
  249. Where is this thing?
  250. Dynamic Data Correlation Problem