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BCC Hardware review the ASUStor AS5004T 4-Bay NAS, which retails for around $459 in the US:


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by Ian, Mar 31, 2015 at 10:47 AM
TechSpot take a look at the HTC One M9 phone, based on Android OS:

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by Ian, Mar 23, 2015
[H]ardOCP have a review of the NZXT S340 Steel Mid-Tower Case. There are no flashy panels; just a distinct presence with unblemished surfaces, tidy panel fitment, and crisp edges:

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by Ian, Mar 20, 2015
Tom's Hardware have a preview of the Silicon Motion SM2256, a new four-channel SSD controller:

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by Ian, Mar 17, 2015
Guru3D have a review of the Plextor M6e, a PCIe based SSD with some high end performance claims:

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by Ian, Mar 11, 2015
Anandtech have a review of the mid-range business NAS, the Western Digital My Cloud DL4100:


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by Ian, Mar 6, 2015
[H]ardOCP have an interesting article on how your PSU may impact your overclocking efforts:

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by Ian, Mar 2, 2015
PCGameWare review the BitFenix Phenom MITX Case, which looks like it would be ideal for a HTPC or NAS:


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by Ian, Feb 27, 2015
eTeknix review the Gainward Phantom GLH GeForce GTX 960, a mid range gaming graphics card that retails for around $210:

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by Ian, Feb 23, 2015
HardOCP review the EVGA 430W Power Supply, an entry level PSU from a company that has a mixed record for producing power supplies:

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by Ian, Feb 20, 2015