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KitGuru check out the Ozone Strike Pro Cherry MX Red USB keyboard, which retails for around £75:

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TomsHardware check out the ultra-fast AOC G2770PQU 27-Inch 144Hz monitor, ideal for gamers:

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TechReport check out the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard, using Cherry Red mechanical keys:

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Benchmark Reviews check out the Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL Keyboard, costing around $199 at the time of writing:

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BitTech have a roundup of some of the popular 1200W power supplies available in 2014, should you need to power such a high end machine:

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HardOCP have a review of the ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC Edition Video Card, here's a quote from the article:

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Think Computers have a review of the Crucial DDR4-2133 32GB Memory Kit, which should be plenty of memory for any high-end PC:

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PCGameWare check out the Akasa Venom Medusa, a monster sized CPU cooler:

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NikkTech check out the QNAP TurboNAS TS-451 NAS, which comes with a fresh new chassis design:

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Eteknix have a review of the Crucial 32GB 2133MHz Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Kit, an ideal high-end pairing for an X99 motherboard:

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